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Qatar’s Zakat Foundation provides millions of aid to families in need-Doha News

Hundreds of families Benefited From the latest aid drive of the Qatar state agency to help those who have been economically worst affected by Covid-19 and recent inflation.

The Zakat Foundation in Qatar provided more than 14,680,000 QAR aid during December. Family in need Within the Gulf countries, the Ministry of Elderly Islam announced.

As part of the Zakat Fund project, 416 qualified families in Qatar received donations to alleviate some of the struggles during the difficult economic period when high inflation and rising domestic commodity prices were seen.

To qualify, the family had to apply from the Zakat Fund website and wait for the fund’s management to approve their eligibility.

Aid was divided into two categories: regular and lump sum payments.

The regular category is 9,883,572QAR, which is offered to the family on a monthly basis, but the lump sum is mainly distributed once according to the needs of the family, for a total of 4,796,642QAR.

The Zakat Foundation is committed to collecting Zakat (2.5% of the excess income each Muslim must pay each year) from the general public and providing it to qualified people in accordance with Shariah (Islamic law) regulations. It is a government agency.

Fayez Moazi Al Shammari, head of the Zakat Foundation, said he took into account the basic needs of the vulnerable community when providing assistance. Well-trained staff will select beneficiaries and ensure that money arrives according to their needs.

This is because Qatar witnessed the highest inflation rate since 2014.Inflation rates start at minus 2.71% in 2020, according to recent statistics 3.18% in 2022, It affects a variety of basic products and services such as gasoline, food and drink, transportation, entertainment and culture.

The higher the inflation, the higher the cost of goods and services. This can force low-income families in the country and, in fact, affect thousands of people in the community.

Covid-19 also created a major challenge for many.

Shahzad Ali, Doha-based strategic executive, explains: Doha News In the past, in these unprecedented times, it was important to “remember the obligations of our neighbors, check in with each other and reach out to help as needed, whether financially or not.”

Thankfully, with the help of authorities, thousands of donors are doing just that.

Qatar’s inflation rate reaches record high

Al Shammari explained that the department is conducting social and field surveys for those applying for assistance and providing needs to each family in accordance with Shariah’s regulations.

The government Website At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it makes applications from those in need easier. Families wishing to receive zakats can access the website and fill out all required forms and documents.

When you do, you will receive a text message with your follow-up request number.

On the other hand, if you wish to pay for Zakat, you can pay from the Zakat Fund website at www.zakat.gov.qa, offices and collection points nationwide, or the Fund’s bank account.If you need help, the community can contact you by email ..

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