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QIIB has partnered with Qatar Airways Privilege Club to launch a new “Instant Personal Finance”

QIIB launches new “Instant Personal Finance” offer with superior features such as competitive finance rates and “Avios” reward miles from Qatar Airways Privilege Club through digital channels (QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking) Did.
By applying for this offer, which is valid until 31st August, QIIB customers will be able to obtain immediate personal finance via QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking.
Each customer will be rewarded with 10,000 Avios for every 50,000 QR loan with a minimum of four years and a multiple of that from the Qatar Airways Privileged Club, and 10,000 Avios for every 100,000 QR loans over the two loan periods. Will be provided. And 4 years and multiples.

Under the terms of the new offer, the customer receiving the loan will benefit from a grace period of up to 12 months for Qatari citizens and up to 3 months for expatriates, calculated based on the loan period. I can.
Once you meet the required criteria and upload the required documents to QIIB Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, the loan amount will be transferred to your customer’s account in real time.
Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmedal-Shaibei, Chief Executive Officer of QIIB, said: This offer is in line with the bank’s direction to promote the digital transformation culture and encourage the use of digital channels, taking into account various benefits such as customer usability and efficiency. “
He states: “The growing customer demand for QIIB digital channels is our driving force behind launching such offers. QIIB is a high-performance digital infrastructure as part of implementing most of the World Bank’s digital transformation plans. Most of QIIB’s services and products are available via digital platforms, and some operations are for customers who want to perform such operations without the hassle of visiting a bank branch. Fully digitized to your liking. “
“The QIIB Finance Offer meets your requirements. It investigates market needs and obtains personal finance with competitive features, flexible terms, and quick turnaround of financing. Started after monitoring the customer’s desire to meet the requirements to obtain personal finance through our digital channel, customers who meet the requirements only need to upload the required documents to QIIB Mobile or Internet Banking, the request is It is processed in real time.
“An instant text message will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone indicating that the required funds have been obtained. The customer can apply 24 hours a day, at any time of their choice, without being restricted by the official working hours of the branch. I can.”
He goes on to say: “The QIIB Digital Channel Personal Finance Offer is a partnership and partnership with Qatar Airways, the world’s leading airline, by rewarding customers who acquire personal finance under this offer up to 20,000 Avios. Brings the added value represented by. Each financing of QR100,000. This allows customers to go to their desired destination, especially when the summer or vacation season is approaching. “
Dr. Al-Shaibei called on bank customers to “use this special offer.” It is designed to meet customer requirements and aspirations, taking into account the highest standards applied in the banking sector, by providing the customer with the lowest possible funding. It has the best cost and features.
Akbaral-Baker, Chief Executive Officer of the Qatar Airways Group, said: By partnering with QIIB, we provide loyal customers with a handy tool for collecting 10,000 Avios if they choose to raise QR50,000 or QR100,000 depending on the funding period. This is another proof of our commitment to providing local members with more ways to earn and burn Avios in Qatar and to provide them with a world-class experience. ”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/720338/QIIB-ties-up-with-Qatar-Airways-Privilege-Club-to- QIIB has partnered with Qatar Airways Privilege Club to launch a new “Instant Personal Finance”

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