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QIIB launches instant account opening service for new customers via mobile app, internet banking

QIIB has launched an instant account opening service for new customers via mobile apps and internet banking as part of implementing banking strategies in the area of ​​digital transformation.
According to QIIB, this will facilitate the process of obtaining banking services and goods for banks, making them more convenient and accessible.

QIIB Head (Business Development and Alternative Channel Sector) Omar Abdelaziz al-Meer

Through this service, new customers can open a QIIB account at any time of the week by following a few simple steps. These are:
Download the QIIB mobile banking application from the Apple or Android store, choose to open a new account service, enter the required information electronically, and upload a copy of your ID and a copy of your passport (applicant is a resident) in the case of).
Through the account opening process, the customer can select the nearest or most preferred QIIB branch where the customer will be able to receive banking services in the future if the banking service needs to be processed directly from the branch.
Most QIIB banking services and products, including financial services, are available via mobile banking apps and internet banking.
Omar Abdelaziz al-Meer, Head of QIIB (Business Development and Alternative Channel Sector), said: We will provide this service to new customers. We always welcome new customers.
“We hope they find that the type of service they are looking for is of high quality and up-to-date and is ahead of the era of emerging technology trends in the banking sector.”
“Opening a new account via the QIIB mobile app and internet banking takes only a few minutes, reducing the burden of customers waiting in long lines or visiting branches,” Al-Meer said. It’s a simple process. Launching new services is part of the global trend to reduce the use of paper-based communications and printing for environmental protection, and QIIB is committed to it. ”
“Our clients have comprehensive services related to cards, checks and money transfers, as well as account opening, loan application and immediate availability.
“We are pleased that many other services have been steadily expanded and have been very well received by our rapidly growing customer base. At QIIB, we are pleased to be able to achieve customer satisfaction through our integrated services. think.”
“QIIB’s digital transformation plan is progressing rapidly and more digital services will be launched in the future. All processes that can be digitized have the best features and the best safety standards,” said Al-Meer. It will be provided to our customers. “

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710164/QIIB-launches-Instant-Account-Opening-service-for- QIIB launches instant account opening service for new customers via mobile app, internet banking

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