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QM at MIA Park Food Truck and Mini Market Kiosk Vendor “Public Offering”

The Qatar Museums (QM) says it seeks to identify and appoint suitable vendors to operate food trucks and minimarket kiosks at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park.

In a “public offering” published in the local media, the Qatar Museums said there were three spots reserved for food trucks and one spot available for the minimarket kiosk. “Would you like to run a food truck or minimarket kiosk at the Islamic Museum? This is your chance to reach more people,” QM said on its website.
The concept categories for food trucks are: Food Truck Concept 1-Hamburger Menu. Food Truck Concept 2-Karak and Chapati. And Food Truck Concept 3-South Asia.
Bid operators are evaluated based on the strength of the concept (including menus, prices, creativity, etc.). Design and setup; Product quality; and marketing and promotion strategies. Experience in restaurant management is a plus.
Those who are interested should register at https://qm.org.qa/en/calendar/open-call-food-truck/
Bidder must provide a comprehensive proposal that includes the following factors: Kiosk / truck design (including dimensions); Menu (including price); Photographs of packages and staff uniforms. Credentials such as CR, company ID, sponsor ID. Last year’s audited financial statements.
Food truck sizes and minimarket kiosks should be less than 6m long and less than 3m wide.
The deadline for submitting the proposal is February 20th.
You need to fill out a form (available at https://qm.org.qa/en/calendar/open-call-food-truck/registration-form/) and the application is ready to upload the required documents You need to make sure that it is done in the submission.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709647/QM-in-open-call-for-food-truck-and-mini-market-kio QM at MIA Park Food Truck and Mini Market Kiosk Vendor “Public Offering”

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