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QND’s “Troublemaker” Arrested After 24 Tons of Waste Removed After Celebration-Doha News

Them Responsible person Officials said they were 12-15 years old.

Officials have revealed that a young “troublemaker” who unknowingly sprayed snow splits on his family while walking along the road during a National Day celebration was arrested.

This action took place shortly after a video recording the action became a hot topic on social media, urging some members of the community to ask the authorities to take action.

Qatar’s Ministry of Home Affairs, in a statement on social media, assured the public that young people aged 12 to 15 were actually arrested and referred to authorities to complete legal proceedings.

The ministry refused to share name and identity details, but ensured that the person responsible’s name and photo would be shared on social media in the event of a recurrence of such incidents in the future.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs does not hesitate to take the necessary steps to maintain order and social security, including disclosing the names and photos of attackers, especially in the event of assault, obstruction and harassment. I would like to guarantee to the public, in order to prevent the recurrence of such acts in the future, “the tweet read.

Another video has recently been distributed online, showing that one of Katara’s buildings has been destroyed with what appears to be brown and red. Spray paint, Promote the Foundation to take legal action.

The vandalism could have occurred during the National Foundation Day celebration, when thousands of people went out on the streets to commemorate the holidays. Many people were seen spraying paint and confetti on passing cars and buildings, raising some concerns from the general public.

The Bunkamura Foundation (Katara) has decided to take legal action against guilty people who have damaged one of the buildings in order to secure responsibility and avoid future vandalism attempts. I swore.

However, no information about this incident has yet been shared.

Every December 18th, thousands of residents go out to the streets to celebrate National Foundation Day. Some members of the community celebrate by spraying paint and confetti on other cars, which can cause damage.

But this year, a shocking image released online showed excess trash along the arterial road, urging public anger and environmental protection calls.

As a result of the cleaning work by the authorities, the magnitude of the damage was clear, and 70 workers, 29 supervisors and 53 drivers were confirmed to remove more than 24 tons of various wastes.

According to the municipal ministry, workers emptied and cleaned all trash containers 24 hours a day during the holidays.

According to the ministry, from December 18th to 19th, all main streets were cleaned with 32 different tools and 21 vehicles.

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