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Qontrac is ISO certified for its commitment to quality and excellence.

Qontrac Shipping Services is ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and ISO 45001: 2018 certified by Lloyd’s Register in Qatar.

These certifications authorize the products and services offered, are consistently of high quality, and meet the requirements of clients in the shipping and logistics departments.
These ISO certifications also ensure that the company implements robust and well-defined procedures in all business areas, including quality management systems, documentation, data and strong business continuity processes.
To obtain this certification, the company has completed a thorough analysis of its business processes and has undertaken a rigorous evaluation process, including quality management system development, document reviews and, among other parameters, some audits. did.
The company’s decision to pursue certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high quality and consistent service to its customers.
“The Qontrac team has worked tirelessly to achieve this awareness, maintaining customer focus and on-time delivery. It is this dedicated team that has helped us reach this goal. And the effort from start to finish, “said Muralikanth, General Manager of Qontrac Shipping Services.
Internationally recognized standards ensure that the company’s products and services meet customer needs through an effective quality management system. This certification reaffirms the company’s ability to consistently provide high quality products and services that meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as customer satisfaction.
ISO 14001: 2015 certification recognizes our commitment to the continuous evolution of our environmental management system, and ISO 45001: 2018 focuses on occupational health and safety measures.
The ISO 14000 environmental management standard requires companies to actively manage their environmental responsibilities. By identifying opportunities and risks, operators need to strive to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and closely measure and manage the overall environmental impact of their decisions.
ISO 45001: 2018 is a globally recognized occupational health and safety standard that helps organizations improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create safer working conditions.
Obtaining ISO 45001: 2018 certification demonstrates Qontrac’s commitment to employees, the community, and our customers to continually improve and evaluate their work environment.
ISO is one of the strictest and most acclaimed standards in the world, and receiving this certification leads the industry in cutting-edge, measured against the global benchmark of industry excellence. It demonstrates Qontrac’s constant commitment to creating services. Guarantee that environmental impacts have been measured and improved.
Qontrac is very committed to adhering to policies and standards, maintaining quality and success at the forefront of our operations. This shows that the company is truly committed to best practices, quality and continuous improvement.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/720528/Qontrac-recognised-with-ISO-certification-for-comm Qontrac is ISO certified for its commitment to quality and excellence.

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