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QRCS launches new medical assistance project for Yemeni patients

The Qatar Red Crescent Societies (QRCS) has launched a new medical project for 1,043 poor patients in Yemen.

The project will offer radiation therapy sessions for cancer patients, medicines and medicines for burned patients, and postoperative medicines for dialysis and kidney transplants for a total of US $ 424,768.

It started at the National Center for Oncology in Sana’a and had a six-month plan to hold 4,074 radiation therapy sessions for 272 cancer patients.

Dr. Abdullah Tawabe, the center’s chair, said the National Oncology Center has begun accepting patients in need of radiation therapy under a QRCS partnership.

“I would like to thank QRCS for responding to the needs of the Yemeni people. Given the current situation in Japan, there are many expectations for QRCS. Certainly, cancer patients will receive quality treatment. “He said.

With the support of QRCS during the inauguration at the Sana’a Welfare for Persons with Disabilities Rehabilitation Fund, the project today will provide compression garments and medicines to 290 burned patients with disabilities in Yemen. It has started.

Explaining the importance of the project, the program and project director of the Foundation Hisham Al Qudsi said the project psychologically helps patients by eliminating malformations or improving the appearance of the body. The cost of treating malformations is very high. He thanked QRCS for providing this and other medical devices and services to people with disabilities in Yemen.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706696/QRCS-launches-new-medical-aid-project-for-Yemen-pa QRCS launches new medical assistance project for Yemeni patients

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