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QRCS will double humanitarian efforts in 2021

The Qatar Red Moon Company (QRCS) continued to fight the new coronavirus (Covid-19) throughout the year, doubling its efforts and making significant contributions to the government’s vaccination and prevention efforts.

QRCS embarked on 2021 with a new spirit and high morale after the participation of medical professionals, volunteers and rescue workers in the 2020 National Day Parade.

QRCS development activity in Qatar surged this year, doubling the number of beneficiaries to 128,242. This includes widows, orphans, patients, school students, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, with a total budget of 22,301,400 QR.

Major projects carried out by QRCS include Ramadan Regulations, Zakat al-Fitr, Eid al-Fitr, Iftar in Ramadan, Monthly / Emergency Cash Assistance, Meal Vouchers, Furniture, Home Appliances, Home Repair / Maintenance , And there are tickets for return flights.

This list includes food parcels, school meals, heavy debt repayments, rent payments, food aid from Eid-ul-Adha sacrificial ceremonies, treatment for poor patients, gifts for sick children, expatriates, And capacity building for prison inmates, first aid and risk reduction training for school students.

In QRCS’s medical sector, while the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided medical insurance, emergency medical care and ambulance services, the total number of beneficiaries was 2,407,617 and the budget was QR315,959,395.

EMS includes medical insurance for sporting events under an agreement with Aspetar, 24/7 medical insurance on the premises of Nakilat and Qatar Steel, transportation of suspected Covid-19 cases to a quarantine facility, Included the operation of emergency centers at Hyatt Plaza and Villaggio. the mall.

The Training Development Center hosted first aid and surface water rescue training courses for the general public and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for health professionals.

Health education, health awareness campaigns, lectures were held, and useful pamphlets and hygiene kits were distributed to employees and school students. A total of 62,183 people have benefited from these activities.

QRCS operates four health centers and one medical committee unit in the industrial area, Mesaimeer, Fereej Abdel-Aziz, and Zekreet under a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health MoPH. To date, these medical facilities have received a total of 1,098,296 patients.

At Mekaines Motel, QRCS doctors and nurses provided medical services to 415,049 prisoners in 2021. A total of 1,059,220 Covid-19 swabs were carried out at the facility’s motel, and two swab units were installed for workers at Al-Hemailah and Fereej Abdul-Aziz. ‘Health Center.

This year, the capacity of field hospitals has also expanded, and mobile hospitals have been deployed on-site immediately after the disaster to provide EMS (prevention and treatment). It was used to support the government’s efforts to secure a total of 2,776 Al-Khor Carnival visitors throughout the event.

On the international stage, QRCS has partnered with fellow national associations of the host country under the umbrella of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies movement. There are 13 representative offices / missions in countries most affected by natural disasters, armed conflict and difficult economic conditions.

Since the beginning of this year, QRCS has been in 27 countries (Mali, Chad, Sudan, Gaza, Tajikistan, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Westbank, Somalia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Indonesia, Nepal, Kyrgystan. , Kosovo, Albania, Mongolia, Syria, Kenya, India, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka).

As part of the 2021 medical transport fleet program, QRCS has deployed eight medical transport fleets to help treat 181,207 patients in Indonesia, Somalia (twice), Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, Gaza, and the West Bank. did. The total budget of these medical convoys reached 5,791,555 QR.

This year, QRCS launched several campaigns, including:
1. Ramadan Campaign 1442AH: Under the slogan “Race to All That Is Good”, we have launched a number of humanitarian projects for 2,540,601 beneficiaries in 22 countries.
2.Adahi Project 1442AH: In Eid-ul-Adha, QRCS will work with Widam to provide sacrificial meat for the benefit of 29,322 people in Qatar, Sudan, Somalia, under the slogan “Qurbani Gets You Closer”. The sacrifice project has started. , And Kenya.
3. Warm Winter Campaign 2021-2022: QRCS under the slogan “Home Feels Warm” with the aim of providing food and winter assistance to 42,040 families, or 240,000 refugees and refugees in 14 countries. Launched an annual campaign at.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707095/QRCS-redoubles-humanitarian-efforts-in-2021 QRCS will double humanitarian efforts in 2021

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