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QSE will be settled at less than 12,700 points despite the purchase interest in the domestic fund.

The Qatar Stock Exchange had a weak week yesterday, despite a strong willingness to buy from domestic funds.
Despite demand for Telecom shares, the Qatar index of 20 shares settled at 67 points (down 0.53% to 12,668.14 points), but reached a daytime high of 12,740 points.
The Islamic index has been seen to rise more slowly than other indices in the market, where the year-to-date rise was 8.97%.
More than 74% of the components traded were in the red on the stock exchange, and its capital was QR 719bn, mainly behind the medium and small cap segment, with a QR of 40bn or more or a decrease of 0.59%.
Local private investors, albeit at a low level, were seen as net buyers in a market that accounts for about 79% of the total trading volume of the industrial and consumer goods sectors.
Foreign funds remained net buyers, but their strength on the stock exchange was low, with a total of 32,782 exchange-traded funds (sponsored by Masraf AlRayan and Doha Bank) changing hands with 12 transactions.
Foreign individual investors have been seen to make net profits in markets that have not seen government bond transactions.
Total trade sales and trading volumes were on a downward trend on stock exchanges where Treasury invoices were not traded.
The total return index fell from 0.53% to 25,173.86 points, the all-share index fell from 0.61% to 3,978.36 points, and the Arrayan Islamic index (price) fell from 0.52% to 2,824.9 points.
The Consumer Goods and Services sector index fell 0.89% to Banking and Financial Services (0.67%), Industry (0.59%), Insurance (0.59%), Real Estate (0.52%) and Transportation (0.2%). On the other hand, telecom increased by 0.24%.
Major losers in major markets include Mannai Corporation, Gulf International Services, Al Khaleej Takaful, Qatari Investors Group, Inma Holding, Doha Bank, QIIB, Qatari German Medical Devices, Woqod, Qatar Insurance, Mazaya Qatar and Gulf Warehousing. It will be. In the venture market, the stock price of Al Faleh Educational Holding fell.
Nevertheless, Investment Holding Group, Zad Holding, QLM, Doha Insurance, and Qatar Islamic Insurance were one of the major market winners. On the Junior Stock Exchange, Mekdam Holding saw its stock increase in value.
The Gulf Fund had a net buyer of 15.31 million QR on February 17, while a net seller turned to 16.26 million QR.
Last Thursday’s net buyer was QR3.53 million, while foreigners had a net seller of QR13.48 million.
The net purchase amount of foreign institutions decreased significantly to 1.96 million QR compared to 175.48 million QR the day before.
The net purchase value of Arab individuals dropped significantly to 1.73 million QR from 3.76 million QR on February 17.
However, domestic funds turned to 24.34 million QR for net buyers, compared to 63.46 million QR for net sellers last Thursday.
Individuals in Qatar were net buyers in the range of QR1.43 million, compared to a net profit earner of QR134.89 million on the previous trading day.
Individual net purchases in the Gulf countries were slightly boosted to QR 0.27 million compared to February 17 QR 0.17 million.
Arab financial institutions did not have a major net exposure of 0.09 million QR to net buyers last Thursday.
Total trading volume in key markets was down 28% to 190.91 million shares, value was down 49% to 434.04 million QR, and trading was down 38% to 8,790.
The transport sector reported that trading volumes plummeted 80% to 1.15 million shares, 80% value fell to 4.65 million QR, and trading fell 78% to 129.
The banking and financial services sector’s trading volume was down 61% to 19.88 million shares, its value was up 79% to 90.81 million QR, and trading was up 54% to 2,612.
Trading volume in the telecommunications sector fell 57% to 2 million shares, value fell 44% to QR8.52n, and trading fell 47% to 501.
Transaction volume in the real estate sector increased 51% to 13.57 million shares, 55% to 18.7 million QR, and transactions increased 36% to 651.
In the market, trading volume in the industrial sector fell 27% to 95.64 million shares, value fell 15% to QR222.12 million, and trading volume fell 19% to 3,481 shares.
However, trading volume in the insurance sector increased 31% to 4.77 million shares, value increased 45% to 16.47 million QR, and trading increased 16% to 331 shares.
The Consumer Goods and Services sector reported a 28% surge in trading volume to reach 54.9 million shares, but the value fell 2% to 72.77 million QR and trading fell 26% to 1,085. became.
In the venture market, trading volume more than doubled to 3.09 million shares, trading value more than doubled to 30.4 million QR, and transactions increased 51.71% to 977.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710219/QSE-settles-below-12-700-points-despite-domestic-f QSE will be settled at less than 12,700 points despite the purchase interest in the domestic fund.

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