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QU Young Scientist Center participates in WISE activities

The Center for Young Scientists, Qatar University (QU-YSC) participated in the activities of the WISE2021 Summit in December by conducting workshops and interactive dialogues.

The event, entitled “Generation Unmute: Reclaiming our Future through Education,” brought together thousands of innovators and educators from around the world.

QU-YSC’s first workshop, “Methodologies for Facilitating Learning and Innovation,” elaborated on the strategies developed to create an environment that stimulates student innovation and creativity. This session reveals the variety of educational norms used to promote student-centric learning and how the Center has changed its activities to overcome educational challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. I introduced it. The workshop was attended by many people, including Qatar, the United States, Palestine and Djibouti.
QU-YSC also announced an interactive dialogue, “Integration of College Students as Partners in K-12 Education,” which attracted the attention of more than 100 participants from different countries. Through subsequent dialogue and discussion, another aspect of innovation in education has emerged by making college students mentors and educators for young students from the levels of primary, preparatory and secondary education. This innovative strategy helps students improve their learning efficiency and strengthen the role of college students in their positive impact on education.
In addition, the center’s team received an invitation to participate in a podcast prepared by media students at Northwestern University in Qatar.
QU-YSC is the 2015 Al-Bairaq program launched in 2010 with the aim of improving learning outcomes and building an educational environment that provides a hands-on learning environment for students to participate. Won the WISE Educational Innovation Award. Scientific research and skill development exercises. The result is a huge leap forward in the ability of qualified humans to study the scientific fields in demand in Qatar and the global labor market.
Professor Nooraal-Thani, Director of QU-YSC, said: Participation in the WISE conference was a unique opportunity to teach, learn and broaden awareness and horizons. ”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707194/QU-Young-Scientists-Centre-participates-in-WISE-ac QU Young Scientist Center participates in WISE activities

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