Que Sera Sera? seriously? |

Yes, booster shots for Covid-19 are recommended, but not required. Yes, people over the age of 60 must have all the boosters available, but you can wait a bit. Yes, people under the age of 60 can get shots, but only if needed. And what if someone catches the SARS-CoV-2 after the first booster? When do they need to get a second booster? It’s cloudy there. One expert says one, another says another, and the opinions that fly around are even more diverse than the subvariants of the Omicron strain.

Mandatory – Mandatory Limitations and Mandatory Vaccines for Specific Groups – has been superseded by a new approach that is all optional. The National Vaccination Commission is left to the citizens to decide what they do and what they do not. Each individual is free to follow his or her favorite path based on his or her own guesses. There are no clear answers or solid instructions. And right above this very wobbled structure, some people shrug and say, “I’m going to catch it anyway.”

So should we celebrate this newly discovered freedom? Que Sera Sera? Let’s live alive? Can conspirators, paranoia, responsible citizens, vaccinated and unvaccinated people sail together towards the setting sun and cross their arms with each other?

This new attitude of “national reconciliation” with the virus can be very bad. We are constantly throwing curve balls at us, and no one expects experts to have all the answers to the apparently indelible pandemic process. But shouldn’t they at least agree on some basics (such as vaccination) before publishing? How useful is it to the general public to feel like a roller coaster for those who know where they are after riding a horrifying train for more than two years?

Sure, I understand that there is a need for the economy and that Greece needs tourism, but was it absolutely necessary to abolish masking in indoor public spaces (with a few exceptions)? except)? The most basic steps to protect yourself and others have been the opposite of when the pandemic began. The person who refused to wear the mask was the one pointed to, and not the other way around. Currently, wearing a mask in a supermarket risks being treated like a classroom geek.

The fact that almost all safeguards have been abolished is not the worst. The worst thing is that it’s blatantly clear why this happened. It does nothing to maintain the health of the people or to protect the trust of Greece.

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