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Queen pays Philip a moving compliment with a Christmas message

Queen Elizabeth says she missed her husband’s “familiar laugh” at Christmas

Queen Elizabeth II sent a moving compliment to her husband, Prince Phillip, who died in a Christmas day message. She celebrated the holiday with a family gathering.
In an unusually personal message broadcast at 1500 Greenwich Mean Time, the 95-year-old monarch stated that she and her family had lost the Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April at the age of 99.
The Queen, wearing a red dress and pearls, sat at a table and spoke with a photo of her with Philip, taken for the 60th wedding anniversary (diamond) in 2007.
“Christmas is a big deal for those who have lost their loved ones, especially this year,” said the Queen, who has been married for 73 years.
Symbolically, her outfit includes a sapphire brooch worn on her honeymoon and diamond wedding anniversary.
While she was talking, pictures of various stages of her and Philip’s life were displayed on the screen.
Buckingham Palace announced this week that due to social distance rules, only 30 people can attend the funeral, and Philip’s memorial service will be held at Westminster Abbey in the spring after the Queen sits alone. ..
The Queen recalled the prince and said that his “sense of service, intellectual curiosity, and ability to squeeze fun from any situation could all be suppressed.”
“The naughty sparkle was as bright as it was when I first turned to him,” she added.
The royal family is planning to celebrate Christmas, “this year lacks one familiar laughter,” she said.
But “I know he wants us to enjoy Christmas as much as I and my family miss him.”
She also acknowledged the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and said again this year, “Covid means we can’t celebrate as we wanted.”
As a precautionary measure, the Queen canceled her regular trip to the Sandringham House in eastern England and instead stayed at Windsor Castle, west of London.
She also opposed attending a traditional Christmas morning service at the castle’s St. George’s Chapel, despite the attendance of the rest of the family.
According to palace sources, this reflects a preventative approach when Omicron variants are rapidly prevalent.
The Queen was not expected to appear publicly.
Normally, all Windsors gather at Sandlingham Estate for Christmas.
Their walk to the nearby St. George’s Chapel for Christmas service is a staple of the royal calendar.
Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter, is self-reliant after her husband tests positive for the coronavirus, but the eldest son of the monarch and his successor to the throne, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, visit on Christmas Day.
Sun reported that a family of 16 would join the Queen at Christmas and her grandson, Prince William, would stay with the family in Norfolk.
The Queen said she was “more than a word proud” that Charles and his eldest son William were “taking the care of the environment seriously” in the footsteps of Philip.
She added that she was “superbly supported” by her wives Camilla and Catherine at the COP26 Summit on Climate Change in Glasgow in November.
Charles, William and his wives have strengthened their public role as the Queen skipped several major events, including the summit.
The Queen said she is looking forward to next year’s Platinum Jubilee, 70 years after her father George VI died and took the throne.
She called this an “opportunity for people around the world to experience a sense of unity,” and said she was “confident and looking ahead,” thanking for the “major changes” during her reign.
The Queen is the longest monarch in British history and overtook her great-grandmother Queen Victoria in 2015.
She said she hopes Jubilee will have the opportunity to “gratitude for the social, scientific and cultural changes of the last 70 years and look ahead with confidence.”
Regarding her “great happiness”, whose family tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, the Queen mentioned the birth of four great-grandchildren this year. Among them, Lillibet, the daughter of her grandson Prince Harry, was born in June and named after her.
But this was the only reference to Harry. Harry, along with his wife Megan, accused the racist royal family in a sensational interview with US television host Oprah Winfrey in March.
There was no mention that Prince Andrew was forbidden to enter the royal family over his relationship with the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with sex crimes.
Nevertheless, Andrew was expected to spend Christmas with his mother and daughters Beatrice and Eugenie in Windsor, Sun reported.

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