Questions Donald Trump Needs Answered

Don’t worry if I ask you about your newfound interest. international security It is important.

Providing a compelling answer could help us resolve our current legal issue with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the hundreds of classified documents we shipped from the White House to a beach resort in Florida.

As you know, every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has been briefed on national security on a regular basis.

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More recently, it has become a daily morning session. Naturally, you strongly resisted listening to them, as they would interrupt your normal TV viewing.

Admit it: These daily briefs got you bored, and you did everything possible to get out of them.

This was completely understandable, as you often boasted that you knew more about national security than all the generals who served under you.

Some cynics have even suggested that your primary source of military expertise is Fox News.

Interestingly, most, or perhaps even one, of their experts had never served in the military. But neither were you, of course.

secret shipping

President, a man who has no interest in the basics of national security packed dozens of cartons containing classified secrets, Mar-a-LagoI’m sure you had very good reasons for doing this.

Only you, and maybe only your hairdresser, knows. And perhaps you could tell us why you went to such great pains to avoid sending them to the National Archives where they belonged, long after they were discovered.

You made the ridiculous claim that all these documents belonged to you. But given your total indifference to our country’s security, how could you? I want Is it so bad that you might end up in jail for misappropriating them?

If you don’t mind, let me ask you a related question about all the cartons you shipped from the White House to Mar-a-Lago. confidential document.

If they fall into the hands of spies working for Russia, China, Iran, or any other hostile foreign power, not only the lives of American operatives, but perhaps our nation as a whole, are in grave danger. you knew you could

And while attending daily national security briefings may not be your favorite activity, you Did it Please understand the tremendous efforts our security agencies have made to protect our national secrets and our agents stationed around the world. Despite two serious setbacks, it was forced to follow its lines.

Questions for Donald Trump

What were you thinking during the rushed packing job you oversaw during your last few days at the White House?

Thousands of pages of confidential documents thrown into cartons, florida resorts?

Your four years as president must have hammered into your mind all the dos and don’ts of protecting national intelligence. Or did it all go in one ear and out the other?

why you too I want To send all these documents that have clearly bored your life to the house where you intended to spend the rest of your days – except maybe another presidential election – playing golf or watching TV Is it just

Of particular interest when the FBI raided your Mar-a-Lago resort last month, Where They found a large amount of classified documents. They were in your office, and his three of them were on your desk.

So let me ask you my question. You got in a lot of trouble besides sending all those boring classified documents to Florida. Mostly, it is incomprehensible.

And it has survived all the hardships of delaying the FBI’s request to return these documents to the federal government.

So my question is: Why did you risk going to jail to get into all this trouble? If you can come up with an answer before going to trial, you may be able to save your skin.

Steve Slavin

Brooklyn, New York Questions Donald Trump Needs Answered

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