Rabies, serious health problems veterinarians and doctors say

reminder Rabies was published today by the World Veterinary Association and the World Medical Association, which continue to be a serious public health problem in more than 150 countries around the world. This is especially important for children who are disproportionately affected by dog ​​bites.

In a joint statement commemorating World Rabies Day in 2021, the two organizations state that 59,000 people die each year from rabies, 40% of whom are children. The majority of victims come from rural communities in Africa and Asia.

To combat this horrific infectious disease, affected communities need an integrated system to adequately respond to this zoonotic outbreak.

“The Covid-19 pandemic reaffirms the importance of a one-health-based approach to successful strategies for protecting human, animal and environmental health, but the real challenge is especially in rural areas. And to practice this concept in low-income areas. The same applies to mad dog disease. Effective vaccines and proven management strategies are available, but delivered or implemented where they are most needed. It’s difficult to do.

Doctor Patricia Turner, The President of the World Veterinary Association said: ‘Approximately 97% of documented human cases result from dog bites and can be prevented by vaccination of at least 70% of dogs in high-risk areas. The ultimate goal is to control and eliminate rabies through dogs. Rabies is one of the few infectious diseases that can be eliminated using vaccines and tools currently available for veterinary and public health interventions.

Doctor David Barb, The President of the World Medical Association said: Various strategies have been combined to prevent rabies deaths by 2030. Raise public awareness and risk communication, educate communities and professionals, enact support legislation, improve dog population management, establish and protect rabies-free zones. During World Rabies Day, these businesses are being emphasized and promoted.

Source: World Medical Association Rabies, serious health problems veterinarians and doctors say

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