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On the first day of the month, Radio Prague will publish a quiz question for the month on this site. At the end of each month, we will select 6 winners from the correct answers received. Enter the contest and win Radio Prague prizes!Answers must be sent to [email protected] By the end of the month.

Winners will be introduced on this site.

June question

120 years ago, on 30.6.1902, the rack railway from Tanvald to Harrachov (the steepest slope in the Czech Republic) went into service. How high (in meters) does it rise?

May question

Goalkeeper Petr Čech is one of the greatest Czech soccer players in history. The most successful part of his career was FC Chelsea. He holds the record for the English Premier League on the most clean sheets (a game in which one team prevents the other team from scoring goals) and is also the fourth winner of the Champions League in the Czech Republic. Who was playing against Chelsea when Chelsea won the title 10 years ago?

May correct answer

Bayern Munich (19.5.2012, Petr Čech scored goal Chelsea defeated home team Bayern Munich with a 4: 3 penalty kick after the match was a 1: 1 draw)


  • Johann Auer,Austria

  • Guy Le Louet,France

  • Hans Berner LolikeDenmark

  • Marek SlavíčekCzech Republic

  • Luis M. Urialte Alonso,Argentina

  • Ulrich Wicke,Germany Radio Prague Monthly Quiz | Radio Prague International

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