Rafael’s summer fun! -Portuguese resident

Last Sunday, the Anglican Church of All Saints Algarve welcomed Rafael and his mother Anna at a park church in Jardindascomnidades, Almancil.

Rafael and Anna thank the congregation for sponsoring Rafael this summer at the APATRIS Summer School in the Central Algarve region, which was carefully planned to care for children with special needs. became.

Rafael always needs adult supervision and care, and summer schools offer this and much more.

During the nine weeks of school vacation, Rafael participates in a variety of exciting activities from Monday to Friday. The program includes swimming, beach trips, sports and traditional games, all tailored to meet the needs of professionals, as well as visits to museums and cultural sites. .. All of these are under qualified and trained supervision.

As a special gift, the congregation bought Rafael a bright red swimming shorts (his team’s color Benfica), a beach towel, a sunshade, and a stylish bag to put everything together every day.

On behalf of the congregation, Jane Colefield Kearney said: And help. We look forward to hearing all the great adventures he makes in the summer, and Anna can be confident that he will be well cared for by trained staff. “

For more information on services, times and directions to the churches in the park, the Anglican Church of All Saints Algarve and Almancil, please visit: www.allsaintsalgarve.church932841943 by phone or email Rafael’s summer fun! -Portuguese resident

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