Raiffeisen Bank publishes third green bond issue on BVB – Romanian Journal

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Raiffeisen Bank will issue a new green bond worth 525 million rons on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) on Friday, June 24th.Bonds traded below RBRO27 Equity quotes are Raiffeisen Bank’s third BVB-listed green bond offer, with the total value of the three listed offers exceeding Ron 2 billion, following two issuances since 2021. ..

The non-priority senior green bond, which begins trading on June 24, has a maturity of 5 years and an annual fixed rate of 8.927%. Raiffeisen Bank has issued and sold 1,000 corporate bonds with a nominal value of Ron 525,000 to 13 bondholders and legal entities.

Through this third issue of Green Bond, we prove that our commitment to contributing to the development of a sustainable and prosperous community is lasting and consistent. We are pleased with the high interest of investors in all green bond offers. This shows that sustainability issues are playing an increasingly important role in institutional capital allocation decisions. “ Romulus Mircea, Executive Director of Management Assets and Liability of Raiffeisen Bank, said.

Focusing on investing in sustainable projects has become especially important in situations that have dominated capital market conditions for some time, characterized by the integration of ESG standards into investor capital allocation decisions. rice field. Raiffeisen Bank, one of Romania’s leading players in the banking sector, is pleased to list its third green bond issue on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. This could make the stock exchange a major funding channel for green investment in Romania. “, Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, declared.

The bond issuance entering into trading today is Raiffeisen Bank’s fourth offer, with more than 2.6 billion rons of bank bonds available for trading. Raiffeisen Bank publishes third green bond issue on BVB – Romanian Journal

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