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Korean drama “Extraordinary Lawyer” creates a sensation (1/3) 《Extra Lawyer》 Adult drama king

A: Hey, you’re watching “Temporary Lawyer Wu”. Me too!

B: Of course, it’s the biggest K-drama of the year and a global phenomenon.

A: The lead, Park Eun Bin, plays an autistic lawyer. She plays the role so well that many viewers mistakenly believed that the actress really was autistic.

Photo courtesy of Netflix Photographs: Courtesy of Amihi

B: Then there’s the lead actor, Kang Tae Oh, who plays the lawyer’s handsome assistant. He’s totally my type!

A: I’m here.

B: Of course, this is the most reddish Korean drama in the world this year.

A: The female lead, Park Eun-bin, plays an autistic lawyer.

B: The male lead of the show is a comrade-in-arms.

(Translated by Edward Jones, Taipei Times / Taipei Times Zhang Sheng-en)

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