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Raised concerns about detained Palestinian teens

AFP / Aljarazen refugee camp

Palestinian teenager Amal Nacre, whose name means “hope” in Arabic, has a chronic illness and is one of the few minors not charged by Israel. I am in despair.
Journalist Muammar Nacre said of his 17-year-old son, “I’ve only met him twice, including last week when he said he wanted to go on a hunger strike since his arrest last year.”
“This scares me because he’s already very weak,” he said, and had surgery to remove the tumor from the rare neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis and from the thorax in 2020. Nakhleh said. Israeli officials accused Amal of throwing stones at soldiers and detained him for a year.
This practice allows suspects to be detained free of charge for a renewable six-month period while the investigation is in progress.
Amal is facing a new inquiry today, and his father is worried that his detention may be renewed. Executive detention has been criticized by Palestinians, human rights groups and foreign governments accusing Israel of abusing it.
Israel “is actively supporting those planning attacks, or coordinating, facilitating, or otherwise performing such actions, due to the complex and unstable security situation on the West Bank. Detention orders will be issued to the people, “he said, defending this practice. “The use of administrative detention, which allows people to be deprived of their freedom for a limited time, is an effective and legitimate security measure against such ongoing attacks,” Israel said in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Insist.
Israel’s leading newspaper, Haaretz, joined the dispute a few days ago in an editorial entitled “Sufficient Administrative Detention.”
“It’s time for Israel to learn to abandon this undemocratic and corrupt practice of unlimited administrative detention without rebuttable evidence or accusations,” Haaretz said. The editorial highlighted the case of Hisham Abu Hawash, one of more than 450 Palestinians detained for more than a year in Israeli administrative detention. According to the Israeli human rights group Hamoked, there are six teenagers among these prisoners.
The editorial on Tuesday came when Abu Hawash, a 40-year-old member of the Islamic Jihad movement, finished a 141-day hunger strike after Israel agreed to his final release.
The deal proposed to his five fathers, Abu Hawash, provides that his detention will not be extended beyond February 26 in return for ending his fast.
“If the state had evidence against Abu Hawash, he should have been prosecuted. Otherwise, he had to be released immediately,” Haaretz said.
According to the paper, in the Abu Hawash case, military prosecutors “did not have unclassified evidence to draft an indictment to be filed in military court.” But for Shin Bet’s domestic security agencies, “confidential material” is sufficient for military commanders to sign a six-month administrative detention order, and six months later, one more infinitely. repeat”. So why was Amal arrested?
Simbet declined to comment in response to a question from AFP.
Amal’s plight dates back to November 2020, when he was arrested by Israeli authorities on the west bank of the occupied Jordan River.
A football fan, he went out with his friends after recovering from cancer surgery, his family said. Amal, accused of throwing stones at soldiers, was detained for 40 days before being released by an Israeli judge. “At the hearing, security force representatives said they had a” file “against him and would seek administrative detention,” Amal’s father recalled.
“The judge asked them to provide him with a file to sin,” they failed and urged the judge to release Amal.
However, in January last year he was re-arrested and detained. After that, it was updated twice.
UNRWA, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, has taken up Amal’s proceedings with Israeli authorities. “His condition is very serious and he is a minor,” said the West Bank of UNRWA. Chief, Gwin Lewis. “We wrote several letters and followed up, but there was no information as to why he was arrested.” Muammar Nacre fears that Amal’s detention will be renewed today. increase.
“I’m worried I won’t see him for a long time if his detention is renewed,” he said at his parents’ home in the Aljarazun refugee camp.
“I am preparing for the worst.”

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