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Raishi, the story of nuclear weapons on the first Gulf trip for gas

Doha: Iran made “significant progress” yesterday in negotiations to revive a stagnant agreement on a nuclear program, but President Ebrahim Raisi said on his first visit to the Gulf countries that the United States sanctioned it catastrophically. Insisted again that it must be lifted. Iran’s ultra-conservative leader, a personal goal of US sanctions, said prior to the summit of Qatar’s natural gas exporters. The summit was held against the backdrop of heightened tensions in Ukraine and reported on the progress of resumption of transactions limiting Iran’s nuclear program.

The United States under former President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 agreement in 2018, saying it wasn’t tough enough to reduce Iran’s weapons ambitions. Tehran has always denied seeking an atomic bomb. However, after months of negotiations in Vienna, the two sides have approached the New Deal. Iran’s Foreign Ministry said yesterday that there was “significant progress” and the number of unresolved obstacles was “significantly reduced.”

“But the remaining problems are the most difficult, the most difficult and the most serious to solve,” he added. Discussions on the resurrection of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) have been held in the Austrian capital since November, with the UK, China, France, Germany and Russia directly involved and the United States indirectly involved. After arriving in Doha and meeting Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Altani, Raishi, a close ally of the United States who urged to narrow the gap between the two, once again devastated its economy. Aimed at US sanctions.

“The United States must show their desire to lift major sanctions,” he said. “To reach an agreement, we need to guarantee the interests of the Iranian people, especially the lifting of sanctions, give them strong guarantees, and end the paperwork of political character.” Raisi said before taking office last year. Nominated by US Treasury sanctions in 2019. This is his fourth trip abroad to Qatar since he took office in August.

Qatar added Iran’s nuclear conflict to the list of diplomatic hotspots and acted as a behind-the-scenes mediation, and Amir called for further dialogue to resolve the confrontation. This month, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Altani visited Tehran without notice after Amir met US President Joe Biden in Washington. Sanctions have hit Iran’s oil and gas revenues hard, and the Tehran government is anxious to acquire new investment and customers.

Exporter summits have been dominated by Ukrainian tensions that raised prices and European concerns that Russia’s gas supply may be cut. The United States has called on Qatar to support Europe by preparing emergency supplies in the event of a worsening Ukrainian crisis. However, producers say that if sanctions on Russia affect Western Europe, they will not be able to provide a significant amount of alternative gas.

Laisi and Qatar Amir will be attending today’s summit with President Abdel Majidteboon of Algeria and Prime Minister Keith Rowley of Trinidad and Tobago. Energy Ministers from seven other forum members, including Russia, will also participate. Ministers of a group of 11 members met yesterday and leaders predicted that industry analysts would touch a shortage of reserves that could help Europe already paying record prices for gas. Approved the statement of the meeting.

Qatar and other countries argue that huge investments in gas infrastructure are required and that long-term contract certainty is needed to guarantee supply to Europe. The European Union has long resisted 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year contracts signed by other major customers of gas in Qatar, including China, Japan, and South Korea. – AFP

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