Rally to save Ukrainian children calls for arms supply to Ukraine

Ljubljana-The only thing that can end the war in Ukraine and save Ukrainian children is the supply of additional weapons to Ukraine, and held as part of a global protest under the banner #saveukrainianchildren. Participants in the rally on Tuesday in Ljubljana said. He was called to boycott Russia and was warned of infringement of children’s rights.

The rally was organized by the Ukrainian community in Slovenia in front of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was attended by about 60 people with the aim of raising awareness of the international community about human rights in Ukraine, especially the violation of children’s rights. ..

The children there warned participants that there were victims of gunshots and bombs, as well as abuse, psychological and sexual violence, deportation, and forced enlistment in Russian troops.

According to data from the Ukrainian Embassy in Ljubljana, about 260 children have died, about 730 have been injured, about 1,900 have gone missing, and more than 200,000 have been deported to Russia during the Ukrainian War. It is said that it was done.

Speakers of the rally shared a personal story of the war and mentioned the alarming situation of Ukraine as a whole, as the Ukrainians are left without the basic necessities of life.

On June 1, International Children’s Day, UNICEF reported that more than 5 million children in Ukraine depend on humanitarian aid, and that number is increasing day by day as the war continues.

In early April, the Council of Europe announced a new strategy to protect children’s rights in crisis and emergency situations. Shortly before the meeting, six countries, including Slovenia, adopted a resolution on the consequences of the war against Ukrainian children. Rally to save Ukrainian children calls for arms supply to Ukraine

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