Rare image of six wolf cubs captured in Semenik National Park – The Romania Journal

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Six wolf cubs and their parents were caught on surveillance cameras walking in the woods of Semenik National Park’s Sheyre Kalashrui. Romsilva said in his Facebook post that these images are very rare images that are rarely captured by cameras.

Females have several cubs, which they take care of and devote themselves to. During her first few weeks, her wolves do not leave her den, carefully placed and food provided by her mate and other wolves in the pack. After several weeks of lactation, the young are also fed semi-digested food by their parents and remain with them for several years.Wolves live in packs, usually a male and female alpha-she pair, and three Consists of children up to the age of All packs have a respectful order and body language that expresses the wolf’s position within the pack. 🇷🇴 Romania has her one of the most developed wolf populations in the European Union

Romsilva – Semenic National Park – Cheile Caraşului is one of 22 national and natural parks managed by the National Directorate of #Forests – #Romsilva, located in the southwest of the country and covering an area of ​​36,052 hectares. There are eight nature reserves here, located in special conservation areas, heavily protected, and numerous attractions and routes.’, reads Rom Silva’s post.

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Semenic – The canyons of Karaslui National Park are rich in carnivorous animals such as bears, foxes, lynx, otters, martens, badgers and wildcats, but also wild boars, Carpathian deer, golden eagles, falcons, buzzards, red kites, Swans also live here. White-throated loon and goshawk.

At the foot of the Semenik Mountains, travelers Three Waters Permanent resort in a unique natural setting near Three Waters Lake (Lacul Trei Ape), at the foot of the Semenik Mountains, about 37 kilometers from Resita in the Guarana Lowlands and 40 kilometers from Caransebes at an altitude of 820 meters.

The name Trei Ape, which gives both the resort and the lake formed here, comes from the three rivers Raul Brebu, Raul Gradistea and Raul Semenic, at the confluence of which the Trei Ape Dam was built. Built with a rockfill clay core, the dam is 30 meters high and covers 45 hectares. Rare image of six wolf cubs captured in Semenik National Park – The Romania Journal

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