Rastafarian Community Coveting Judge’s Marijuana Judgment – ​​Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau — The Rastafarian community is looking forward to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of the law banning the possession and use of marijuana.

Lorenzo Stubbs was arrested in December 2021 after police found 1.6 ounces of marijuana at home.

His trial is pending until a constitutional objection is filed by the Supreme Court in Article 29 (6) of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

A hearing on this matter took place a few months ago in front of Judge Lauren Crane.

Members of the Rastafarian community are impatient to wait for the judge’s decision.

Priest Dellard Burrows, secretary of the Church of True God’s Salvation at the Ethiopian Black International Conference, said yesterday that members of his community were still hurt while they were waiting for a ruling.

“Even though the issue is pending in the Supreme Court, our rights are still violated, even though the issue is pending, so we just want to emphasize our community concerns. “He said.

“We still have members of the community who are arrested, prosecuted and taken to court for expressing basic human rights for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of religion.

“We are just trying to pay attention to the situation. It is not our responsibility to make decisions by pushing or pushing justice, but his decisions are what we are currently facing as a community. It is good because it has the potential to reduce many burdens and many situations and challenges. “

Attorney General Ryan Pinder reiterated this week that the Davis administration has enacted legislation to non-criminalize small amounts of marijuana.

But it’s not comfortable for many members of the Rastafarian community.

“It’s okay to tell us to wait, but at the same time we’re waiting, our human rights are still violated,” Burroughs said.

“I myself could get out on the street right now and be harassed. Just like at this moment, it wasn’t required. And about that, we’ve been waiting for years. Everyone is telling us to wait. In the meantime, we have our father stripped from our family and our house destroyed. “

EABIC Chairman Jebon Thompson said that if the government took the plan seriously, it would facilitate the enforcement of existing marijuana legislation.

“We want the freedom to uplift ourselves and the communities around us,” he said.

“By using their discretion until the government finally decides what action to take, it can be of great help to our community and whether they are in favor of us. But it’s a situation where you don’t know who to believe, it’s just rhetoric at the moment. “ Rastafarian Community Coveting Judge’s Marijuana Judgment – ​​Witness News

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