Razer Kishi V2 now has an iOS compatible variant

Razer Kishi V2 now has an iOS compatible variant

Building on the success of the lifestyle giant for Android laser announced that a new iOS variant of the Kishi V2 controller will be available starting tomorrow. September 1stIn particular, you COMEX 2022 booth 140.90 Singapore dollars.

It features console-quality tactile microswitch controls modeled after those on the award-winning Wolverine V2. Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone promises to escalate the iOS gaming experience to the same heights its Android counterpart offers. In addition to that, it also features programmable dual multi-function buttons and sharing capabilities, allowing users to quickly and easily capture their favorite in-game moments.

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As for how the V2’s design differs from the original Kishi controller, the former features a decidedly improved and simplified bridge design that also serves as a future proof for upcoming iPhone models. Much slimmer and more compact than its predecessor, the controller also features adaptable inserts for certain types of phone cases and screen protectors, so you don’t have to remove and install them as often.

As for compatibility, the Razer Kishi V2 works with all the latest iPhone models. iOS 15.4 or higher It offers pass-through charging, so you can keep your phone’s battery full while gaming.Seamless compatibility with Razer Nexus App closes out its product, Gives users fingertip access to streaming features, controller settings, and other supplemental features.

For more information, Official Razer product page. Razer Kishi V2 now has an iOS compatible variant

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