Real estate agents note Balkan interest in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki’s property market has seen a surge in activity across all categories recently, delegates at the Prodexpo North conference agreed Wednesday. The second largest city in Greece, he said, has great potential for building modern office spaces and hotels, with significant infrastructure projects still underway. (Amna)

The number of Balkans looking for property to buy in Thessaloniki is growing exponentially, realtors said on Friday in the northern port city of Philoxenia, “a tourism, real estate, transport and infrastructure,” he told the forum.

The real estate agent said potential investors were willing to pay up to 1 million euros, while Israeli investors were freezing plans due to the energy crisis and market uncertainty.

The majority of real estate agents participating in the forum oppose increasing the level of investment in the Golden Visa program from the current €250,000 to €500,000. This program provides property investors with such amounts a multi-year residency permit, including immediate family members.

Real estate agents said on Friday that upcoming changes to visa standards do not reflect a shortage of supply of luxury homes in Greece. Kostas Georgakos of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce explains:

He attributes the growing interest to rising living standards and lower real estate prices in cities compared to cities in the Balkans. In Belgrade it costs 12,000 euros per square meter, but 3,000 euros per square meter. For a new apartment in Thessaloniki. Real estate agents note Balkan interest in Thessaloniki

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