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Rachel Marshall, head of communications for San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, campaigned against Proposal H to bring Boudin back in San Francisco on Tuesday. Recall that supporters said Boudin’s policies made San Francisco less secure. [AP]

Is the decade of destructive and progressive ideology finally coming to an end?

Even if San Franciscans chooses not to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin on Tuesday [NOTE: they did recall him, handily]The fact that some of America’s most credible and liberal voters put one of America’s most left-wing DAs at serious risk of losing their jobs is a sign of hope.

Voter patience for what San Francisco Mayor London Breed calls “all the bullshit that destroyed our city” – aggressive shoplifting, rampant car robbery, outdoor drug use, and filthy homelessness The camp, the sidewalk that turned into a toilet – is finally fading.

Progressive overreach comes at a price. Even progressive.

What’s happening in San Francisco isn’t just about criminal justice and urban governance issues, it’s happening nationwide. One after another, the left is actually robbed to borrow Irving Kristol’s famous phrase. Consider some examples.

inflation: For more than a decade, progressives have argued that inflation is a right-wing chimera, ignoring the sharp rise in asset prices. Then last year, they claimed that inflation was temporary – to quote economist Joseph Stiglitz, “red herring.” Since then, it has become clear that inflation is continuing, and some have taken bolder steps. Inflation is good. “Inflation is bad for 1%, but it helps almost everyone else,” according to an article in The Intercept last November.

Really? Usually 1% can afford to protect wealth through inflation-protected assets (rare violins, villas), but it’s an unfortunate struggle with three-digit grocery invoices. The combination of indifference about inflation (which will wipe out debt!) And resistance to tackling it strongly is why the left often loses working-class voters to the right.

energy: It wasn’t long ago that progressives lamented low gasoline prices, based on the theory that blocking driving would help the climate. Maybe House Democrats need to run for $ 7 a gallon as an environmental good and see what happens to their majority. Perhaps the Biden administration should tell Saudi Arabia where it can be filled with oil, rather than asking it to pump more.

Or it may not be. One form that natural progressives cannot certainly understand is human nature. If you wonder why climate change does not lead to more policy victories, the fact that the rapid decarbonization of the economy is not what most people are willing to pay, at least from themselves. You need to work on a notebook.

How about working on another message that is a measured, adaptable, and ameliorating message, rather than a solemn, miserable, and catastrophic message?

culture: How did the progressives emerge in the defeat of the culture war? From Bill Maher to Dave Chappelle, how did they become the butt of the sharpest comedian jokes of our time? Why are the lifelong liberals of colleges, newspapers and publishers constantly breathtaking about the Maoist class of their younger colleagues?

Simple: Progressivists have moved from liberation to coercionism. If a transgender swimmer like Lia Thomas identifies her as a woman, it’s liberation. This certainly requires courage and is a respectable decision.

But when Thomas was allowed to compete in women’s races, it was clearly an unfair act, reducing the legacy of female athletes and bringing them to victory one after another. The fact that it’s hard to even say this out loud is just an emphasis on the point.

Minority: Remember when the future of American politics was democracy, as the future of American demography will never be whiter?

Minority group members are plagued by progressive policies such as being stuffed into a progressive acronym backend like BIPOC, efforts to abolish selective public school entrance exams, and ignoring the law. Predictions of that comfort have failed because they don’t necessarily like to be-and priorities in the poor communities that often need them most, including those on the southern border.

world: Progressive (with the support of isolated Republicans) demands that the United States free itself from distant military commitments and build more nations within the country, especially in Afghanistan. Spent a year. Joe Biden made the mistake of believing it, and his presidency has not recovered from the strategic and moral blunder of withdrawal.

There is no world. The shyness and perception of incompetence of the United States, which the administration has worked very hard to counter in Ukraine, is part of what the Kremlin has tempted to invade in the first place.

The list continues, but the message is the same. When Kristol talked about the real robbery of liberals, he said it turned them into neoconservatives. It would be enough for today’s progressives to find a way back to liberalism in their second robbery.

This article was originally New York Times..

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