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Rebellious Biden touts the results of the first year

Washington: Joe Biden tries to reset his presidency at Wednesday’s first-year marathon press conference, vows to reunite with voters and promotes success, while frankly assessing the “disaster” that Russia faces when it attacks Ukraine. Was done. “Can you think of another president who did the same thing in a year?” Biden spectacularly with COVID-19 and trillions of dollars in government funding to save the US economy from the collapse of the pandemic. I asked while tickling the struggle.

“I don’t think the president-elect’s plate had much bigger menu than the one I gave,” the Democratic Party said. “The fact of the matter is that we’ve done a lot.” Biden held only the second White House press conference for the presidential inauguration on the eve of January 20, 2021’s inauguration anniversary. Did. After that, I stayed on the podium for 1 hour and 52 minutes and surprised many people.

According to US media, the exchange went beyond the longest press conference held by Donald Trump and was even more frequent. At various times, fighting, joking, and meandering, Biden refused to criticize his response to the pandemic and rising inflation. Asked about his approval rating, which is sinking in the low 40 percent territory, Biden is naive. “I don’t believe in polls,” he said.

Biden admitted his failure after taking over from Trump, citing “The Challenge of the Year”. These included that he “did not anticipate” the ferocity of the Republican Party’s obstruction to his agenda in Congress. “We should have done it sooner,” he said of the COVID inspection feature, which continues to struggle to meet demand. Biden also said he understands the “frustration” of steady price increases, blaming COVID-related supply chain issues. The fight against inflation will be “hard and labor intensive”. “It’s going to be a pain for many,” he said, saying he was feeling overpriced “at petrol pumps, grocery stores, and so on.”

Biden flatly said about the chaotic and hasty final withdrawal from one of the most traumatic episodes of his presidency, the 20-year war in Afghanistan. “I don’t apologize.” “Twenty years later, there was no easy way out of Afghanistan,” he declared. A press conference against Biden’s widely shared image of shrinking from media contact is in Ukraine, where the United States is leading Western efforts to find a diplomatic solution to Russia’s military stance at the border. Particular emphasis was placed on the oncoming crisis.

Biden said he was ready to meet Putin and frankly warned the Kremlin leaders that the attack on Ukraine would be a “disaster” for Russia. But Biden raised his eyebrows when a small Russian attack seemed to suggest much less repulsion from the West. The White House soon issued a statement stating that military aggression encouraged a “serious” response and that non-military aggression, such as paramilitary attacks, faced a “mutual” response. Powerful Republican Senator Lindsey Graham described Biden’s comment as “uneasy.”

With the State of the Union address scheduled for March 1, Biden has less time to design a strategy to repel the Republican return in the November midterm parliamentary elections. The Republican Party is expected to shatter his party and rule Congress. This carries the risk of impeachment threats and a two-year total disruption from Congress, including the investigation of numerous active committees.

Aiming to perpetuate the lie of defeating Biden in 2020 and undermine American confidence in the electoral system, Trump is aiming for another presidential election attempt in 2024. Biden confirmed in a re-election bid to keep Kamala Harris as Vice President’s running mate. And he proved that the Democratic Party couldn’t use a majority of parliament to pass two major priorities: the social spending bill and the election law amendment, but instead passed a “big chunk” of the bill. He said that it could be solved.

The failure was reminded late Wednesday night when Senate Democrats were unable to pass numerous voting reforms in the face of the Republican blockade. In a statement, Biden said in a statement that the Democratic Party would abolish the 60-vote threshold needed to move the bill forward after it failed to submit two major bills or in a 100-member parliamentary room. After inducing “choices,” he said he was “extremely disappointed.”

In particular, Biden emphasized at a press conference his desire to leave the White House after a year, which clearly features a light travel schedule. “Because of both the COVID and the situation in Washington, I realized I was in a situation where I had no chance to see,” he said. A measure of my integrity. ” – AFP

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