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Rebound when Ooredoo raises prices again-Doha News

Following the announcement of higher prices from Ooredoo, customers are seeking a campaign to cancel their subscription.

Qatar’s leading telecommunications company Ooredoo has informed its customers in a text on Saturday that the price of Shahry and Qatarna’s plan packages will be increased on February 1, 2022. : Unlimited data on WhatsApp, a popular messaging application.

Many people used Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the new price increase with the hashtag # الغاء-الاقتراك-مع-اوريدو or #Cancel_Subscriptions_With_Ooredoo. Numerous tweets have tagged both Ooreedo and Vodafone. It’s another major telecommunications company, a major competitor, and users have pledged to switch services and are asking how.

“We Qatar people have decided to boycott Ooredoo and switch to a competitor. [Vodafone] The price has risen three times in a row within two years, “a user wrote.

Another major cause of the backlash was that Ooredoo was unable to offer its customers the option of denying service. For the first time in 2 years, Customers are required to pay or abandon the required services.

“This” additional benefit “you call must be optional. Don’t force payments for additional services you’ve never requested. ” user I have written.

The new rates appear to serve as the ultimate straw for customers who are already dissatisfied with the Ooredoo service. Users also point out that the company’s website and mobile application are not clear about the transactions offered.

Ooredoo has been operating in Qatar since the late 1980s and in 2011 beat other major international competitors such as Virgin Mobile. But now, as one of the two major telecommunications service providers in the country, Ooredoo’s subscription decline is its biggest rival, Vodafone.

Others, such as Qatar’s media personality Abdullah al-Wasen, have also urged Qatar’s Ministry of Communications and Information and communications regulators to consider raising prices with government agencies. Neither has publicly commented.

Ooredoo price increases are not unprecedented. In July 2020, just months after the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced most of the country to work from home, Ooredoo announced a decision to increase the entry-level Ooredoo ONE package plan to QR30. Optional 6-month subscription to Netflix and 1-year subscription to be INCONNECT. Similar to Saturday’s rate hike Users also used social media To express that they were forced to pay for services they did not request and felt they could not opt ​​out.

December 2020, Ooredoo announcement Another markup in February 2021 has increased the price of 5G mobile packages. There were no additional perks, subscriptions or promotions associated with this hike.

Ooredoo does not publicly address social media backlash.

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