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The young man whose body was found yesterday in a trash bag in the rear trunk of a Honda Fit in Centerville has been identified by relatives as Omar Davis Jr., who grew up in Kemp Road and graduated from Central State University in Ohio with a 4.0. rice field. May.

Davis beat the odds after seeing his father shot dead in his home in 2013.

At the Centerville scene yesterday, police said the victim had suffered injuries to his head, face and chest.

Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson, head of the Criminal Investigation Service, said the body was in the early stages of decomposition.

Johnson said police received a call about a suspicious vehicle parked behind a grocery store on Sixth Terrace Avenue around 5 p.m. When the police went to investigate, they found a dead body in the trunk.

Social media is flooded with expressions of grief and shock, anger and disbelief surrounding Davis’ murder.

In 2018, I was awarded a scholarship through the Ministry of Education’s Public School Scholarship Program and graduated with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance.

In a speech he gave as person of honor at that year’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Honors Day Convocation, Davis, who was a valedictorian of CI Gibson Secondary School and a passion for numbers, said 6 After seeing his father pass away on the 1st of the month, he said: In 2013, he often considered dropping out of school or taking drugs to calm his nerves.

But he said his father’s voice kept ringing in his head.

“These words motivated me to be strong for my mother and brother and to strive for excellence and do my best.”

Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander said the Bahamas had its 88th murder this year, with five people in custody. Recent college graduates murdered – The Nassau Guardian

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