Reckley enters signing period as 9th prospect

The international signing of the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season begins this Saturday, with Bahamian shortstop Ryan Leckley being one of the top 50 international outlooks. Reckley is actually in the top 10 at 9th place on’s International Prospect List.

The signing period has been postponed from July 2, 2021.

With hundreds of international outlooks, primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean, they seem to be one step closer to their dream of playing in the Big League by signing with MLB clubs during this period. Besides Reckley, there are other Bahamians who are expected to sign big league clubs during this period. The international signature period ends on December 15, 2022.

Reckley is the only player on the top 50 list of international prospects in the English-speaking Caribbean region.

The 17-year-old overall scouting grade is 55 on His individual skill ratings are 55 for hits, 45 for power, 60 for running, 50 for arms and 55 for fielding. Locally, he trains with Greg Burrows Jr. at the Maximum Development (MaxD) Academy. Within a few years, the infielder aims to join the list of Bahamian players to play in the majors.

According to’s Scout Report, Reckley has a good understanding of strike zones.

“Reckley is a plus athlete with a good sense of hit and a good understanding of the strike zone.

A disciplined batter, he will continue to improve in the field as he grows. Specifically, he makes hard contacts with above average bat speeds and short, compact swings, “the report read.

Like most Bahamian baseball players, it was recognized as fast as the Miami Marlins infielder Jazz Lard “Jazz” Chisholm.

“Overall, Leckley may be a better batter from the left side than to the right side of the plate, but for now he is showing more power as a right-handed batter. In addition, he steals. He has speed. When it comes to defense, he shows good footwork, quick hands, and enough arm strength to stay as a shortstop. “

Leckley, who played in front of the MLB Scouts at the Freedom Farm Baseball League (FFBL) All-Star Showcase in February 2020, played 3-3 in the official at-bat and hit a home run on the first day. 15-18 split. The next day he hit another person outside the park.

Reckley is familiar with the Perfect Game program, which hosts quality baseball events in the United States (USA) for prospects found in MLB organizations and college scouts. He has been playing in perfect game events since 2018. His latest praise came when he was selected for all tournament teams in the 2020 WWBA (World Woodbat Association) Second Grade World Championship under 16th division. He was also selected by several other tournament teams at the Perfect Game Event dating back to 2018.

A total of 25 players on the 2021 Top 50 International Prospect List are from the Dominican Republic. There are 15 prospects from Venezuela, 4 from Cuba, 2 from Colombia, 2 from Panama, and 1 each from the Bahamas and Mexico. Reckley enters signing period as 9th prospect

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