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Berlin is preparing for a system change. After June 1st, Ukrainian refugees will be taken care of by the Job Center.

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Senator Katja Kipping

Senator Katja Kipping announced on Tuesday that Berlin refugees should have access to social interests through the Job Center as soon as possible. For Ukrainian refugees, this is a big step forward, Kipping said. Asylum seeker interests law no longer applies to them. Instead, they can claim better interests under social norms. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that profits are distributed normally,” the senator for labor, social issues and integration assured. “The job center and social welfare office are already in close contact,” she said.

Successful negotiations in Berlin

The switch to a job center was a successful negotiation for Berlin in consultation with the federal government, according to Kipping. “We pushed this first.” Under new legal requirements, refugees from Ukraine will be required to receive identification services from the age of 14 in the future.

New requirements for applying for social benefits

According to the Senate, this also applies to more than 20,000 people who have already received a two-year residence permit from the State Immigration Bureau but have not yet been processed for identification. There are three different groups in total. Ukrainian refugees who have received a residence permit from the Immigration Department (LEA) by the end of May can easily receive social benefits from the Job Center from the beginning of June and will be able to handle identification services thereafter until the end of October. is.

Registration is required to access social benefits

In contrast, Ukrainian refugees who have submitted their application online to the Immigration Department but have not booked a residence permit at LEA by the end of May must first receive identification service. And thirdly, anyone arriving in Berlin after the end of May must first register at the Tegel Arrivals Center and receive identification services when distributed to Berlin.

Kipping facilitates registration

Kipping acknowledged that there was still often uncertainty about the subject of registration. Left-party politicians admitted that people who do not meet the conditions set by the Senate may enter another federal state after registration. However, you need health insurance and a work permit. “That means you can enjoy all the labor protection standards that exist in Germany,” Kipping said. “And if you can’t find a job, you have the right to social benefits.”

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Date of issue: May 25, 2022

Last updated: May 25, 2022

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