Regional threats: PM calls for Haiti-led solution as ‘dangerous’ migration rises

NASSAU, Bahamas — Prime Minister Philip Davis yesterday warned regional leaders that the crisis in Haiti poses a grave threat to the Bahamas and neighboring countries due to a large increase in “irregular and often unsafe” migration.

Davis spoke during an intervention at the opening session of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“The tragic situation there continues to pose a significant threat not only to Haitians, but also to the Bahamas and neighboring countries, all of which have seen significant increases in irregular and often unsafe migration. ‘, he said.

“Haitian support and leadership will enable us to help Haitians build their way out of the crisis through CELAC and other community organizations.”

Davis’ remarks were made yesterday as the U.S. Coast Guard handed over 396 Haitian migrants to Inagua immigration and Defense Force officials.

immigrants Intercept near Keithar on sunday.

In Argentina, Davis continued:

“Strengthened regional partnerships are particularly helpful in expanding local police capacity building to tackle trafficking in persons, contraband and guns.

“These Haitian-led solutions counteract the normal tendency to carry out activities in Haiti without direction from Haiti, and the preference for investing in strengthening Haitian NGOs rather than strengthening Haitian public institutions. It offers a promising alternative.” Regional threats: PM calls for Haiti-led solution as ‘dangerous’ migration rises

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