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Regulator tells shell to maintain prelude FLNG output

NOPSEMA, Australia’s oil and gas industry safety regulator, has ordered Shell to move a huge Prelude FLNG facility away from Western Australia.

The order was placed after a sudden power outage stopped production from the floating facility earlier this month and then failed attempts to reestablish reliable power on board.

NOPSEMA said in a Thursday report: Unreliable intermittent power availability for 3 days. During this period, several attempts were made to reestablish reliable power. “

NOPSEMA arranges that by December 6, 2021, failure to restore reliable power will cause facility personnel and NOPSEMA to visit the facility, as power loss will affect the residence and working conditions of facility staff. Did.

“Inspectors were mobilized on the first available opportunity on December 8, 2021 and returned on December 10. The inspectors were on the risk of the facility’s power system, including failure mechanisms, interdependencies, and recovery. We conclude that the operators do not fully understand it, “NOPSEMA said.

Lightning, communications and safety systems are all affected

According to NOPSEMA, power outages have a direct impact on emergency response capabilities, operation of safety-critical equipment (communication, access to safety-critical documents and information, work permit systems, etc.), and evacuation of personnel by helicopters and boats. I did.

Key services such as lighting, safety systems, communication systems, drinking water systems, sewage treatment and HVAC were also affected, with seven people being treated for heat-related conditions.

The functions of the process equipment required to effectively manage LNG inventory were also affected.

Therefore, NOPSEMA has ordered the shell to stop LNG production from the Prelude FLNG unit. This is until “the facility can safely restore critical power and important services associated with critical power after a power outage, and the safety system and critical support can show NOPSEMA satisfaction. The system keeps personnel safe. Works to do. “

NOPSEMA also ordered Shell to develop a detailed plan, schedule, and commitment to implement all necessary corrective actions in a timely manner, and to present that plan to NOPSEMA when completed.

Based on NOPSEMA orders, Shell will provide regulatory updates to NOPSEMA on the first business day of each month, beginning March 2022, detailing the progress of orders.

The 488-meter-long shell-type prelude FLNG unit forms part of an offshore development that produces natural gas from a remote oil field of the same name, approximately 475 km northeast of Bloom, Western Australia.

The first LNG shipment from the project (originally approved in 2011) was returned to Asian customers via the Valencia Knutsen LNG tanker in June 2019. Shell is the project operator and other partners are INPEX, CPC and KOGAS.

World’s largest FLNG facility LNG resumed in January this year Freight transportation, It’s been almost a year since the shutdown due to an electric trip.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493105-regulator-orders-shell-to-keep-prelude-flng-output-shut-until-it-can-prove-it-is-safe Regulator tells shell to maintain prelude FLNG output

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