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‘Relations with country that attacked Qatar should be reconsidered,’ says Qatari official – Doha News

A former deputy prime minister of Qatar said: “There are definitely people who are instigating attacks with only illegitimate motives.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah accused the country of attacking Qatar as a World Cup host in an interview with Al Watan newspaper on Sunday.

Known as a pioneer in the business, energy and science industries, the former deputy prime minister, who has held various ministerial positions since 1972, said that “the relationship with these countries should be reconsidered after the World Cup.” He added that the attack was innate. of “impure motives” as opposed to pure concern.

Al Attiyah reflected on Qatar’s development as a country and its journey to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, revealing more personal feelings.

started from a dream

When asked if he sees the World Cup as a dream or an achievable reality given his closeness to Father Amir during his tenure, the former deputy prime minister replied: Father Amir at that time, may God protect him, this is the dream that everyone wants, but I don’t think we will reach it. ”

Al Attiyah said that hosting the world’s most important and largest tournament requires an integrated system of stadiums, hotels, underground networks, deeply embedded infrastructure and a flight network connecting the world. was aware of At that time in Qatar he had only two five-star hotels.

The dream is rooted in the early 80s, with senior officials recalling that Qatar hosted the Asian Cup, following Amir’s father’s constant wish to host an international sports tournament. It was difficult to find funding to host tournaments.

“At the time, there was little interest in the AFC Championship, because the world affairs at the time didn’t matter, and the major American and European corporations didn’t care about the unpaid championship. was not interested in buying rights to a championship that did not bring the Baseball, cricket, etc. So we faced challenges,” said the former deputy prime minister.

It was these challenges that further encouraged Qatari politicians to develop the country and set specific goals for its improvement, according to Al Attiyah. Because one day we are ready to host the World Cup.

gas enters the equation

“We knew it was time for gas because the field was there. [in Qatar] Since 1971, it has been the largest single gas field in the world, and because this gas field is not very deep, it has the lowest mining costs. His Highness Father Emir was working on that file and he was the one who chose me to succeed him as Minister of Energy and Industry,” a senior official told Al Watan newspaper.

He added that Qatar had “performed a huge project in the field of gas that has worked wonders and made very large returns”, allowing the majority of Qatari products to be exported to countries around the world, allowing the country to made it one of the richest countries in the world.

At this point, the former deputy prime minister said that “progress” had begun in organizing international sporting events, including the Olympics.

Attacks not done “in good faith”

“There are strange and bizarre attacks that suddenly appeared a few weeks before the World Cup. It is true that we have heard of some attacks before, but more recently there has been an increase in attacks, with German, French and British newspapers, etc. The West has intervened,” a senior Qatari official told Al Watan newspaper.

“There are definitely people who are instigating the attacks. [ulterior motives] that’s all. I believe Qatar will host the most successful World Cup in the history of football.All countries that have hosted tournaments in the past have faced security, infrastructure and stadium issues, but in such a way Attacking Qatar is bizarre.In addition, he stressed that the attacks and concerns raised were not carried out with good intentions.

The Qatari political and energy pioneer said foreign organizations’ concerns about the rights of migrant workers in Qatar were “empty words” to him.

He said Qatar is the most open to workers, accepting them, creating jobs and supporting many families in Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

“We live in a free world,” said the former deputy prime minister. In a country that apparently oppresses its workers, no one is forced to work. ”

The former deputy prime minister went on to question their interference in such an “intrusive” manner, saying Qatar had not imposed the practice on anyone outside its borders.Interfering with another’s personal liberty, such as prohibiting the veil [for Muslim women] Despite allowing nuns to wear it. ”

Further noting the hypocrisy of the statement, officials continued to refer to the “grave violations” that exist in Europe today.

“[In Europe] there is […] Mafia gangs who steal girls from Eastern Europe and elsewhere and force them to work through organized networks. In France, when grapes are harvested, workers are brought from places such as Africa and made to work 18 hours a day.happens here [in Qatar]”

Al Attiyah candidly told Al-Watan, “I don’t think these campaigns have anything to do with workers,” and said the campaign organizers sympathized with Gulf migrant workers. said he did not believe. Many international bodies and organizations have come out to praise Qatar, including FIFA.

“I was surprised when Blatter, former president of the League of Nations, joined these campaigns despite being president of FIFA and announcing the winning of Qatar’s bid to host the site. It’s strange and I say there is no innocence in this campaign.”

Qatar win

In assessing the development stages, challenges and hurdles the small Gulf nation has undergone to reach the final stages of preparation to host the world’s biggest sporting tournament, Al-Attiyah said the World Cup itself is a big deal for Qatar. I think it will be profitable. .

“Many people do not know Qatar, so when they come, they will see the truth on the ground and realize that these campaigns against Qatar are political and not real,” he said. rice field.

“Our relationship [attacking] We need to rethink the country after the World Cup. They want us to fail after all the effort and expense we’ve put in. Unfortunately, a large amount of money was spent to attack Qatar at a time when Qatar has made great strides on various levels and is surpassing global indicators in many global areas such as health, education and security. There are parties to pay the money,” the official pointed out. .

Al Attiyah reaffirmed a slogan that Qatari officials have continually repeated to the press over the past decade, stating that Qatar “welcomes all and treats them humanely and ethically, without abuse.” We deal with everyone,” he said, adding that he was proud that his country was hosting the World Cup. , had a great impact on the development of the country’s infrastructure and superstructures.

The former deputy prime minister has finally said his country has played a “very important role in spreading peace around the world” and a sizeable part in ending years of wars like those in Afghanistan. Said it was done.

“His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the emir of the country, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for having brought more peace than any other world leader and made Doha the capital of peace. I believe it will,” said al-Attiyah.

https://dohanews.co/relations-with-countries-who-attacked-qatar-should-be-reconsidered-says-senior-qatari-official/ ‘Relations with country that attacked Qatar should be reconsidered,’ says Qatari official – Doha News

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