Released anti-racism educational materials on September 26

The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) presents a newly produced “anti-racism educational material”! We co-produced discrimination education materials. These materials encourage active participation in a democratic and diverse society, and by introducing innovative methodologies and concepts in a stimulating and fun way, they help students learn about identity, democracy, gender, diversity, discrimination, and more. facilitates exploration of difficult topics.

For more information on the materials, please visit our website.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Germany.

The event will begin at 17:00 with an introductory speech by Loizos Loukaidis, Director of the Society for Historical Dialogue and Research, Rebecca Weis, Executive Director of Gesicht Zeigen! and Anke Schlimm, Ambassador of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. German office, and representative of the teachers’ trade union.
Next, the AHDR team will briefly introduce anti-racism educational materials. This will be followed by a panel discussion on anti-racism and education with local and international experts.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Elena Papamichael, First Education Planning Officer, Cyprus Institute of Education. participant:
▪️ Dr. Michalinos Zembylas, Professor of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies
▪️ Dr. Shenel Hüsnü, Professor of Social Psychology
▪️ George Iliotis, UNHCR Conservation Associate
▪️ Sophia Oppermann, Executive Director of Gesicht Zeigen!
▪️ Hamide Avcıbaşı, Secretary for Human Rights and Equality, Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union KTÖS

This exciting event will conclude with a cocktail reception at Home Café Veranda. We are looking forward to seeing you all.

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event Association for Historical Dialogue Research (AHDR) Released anti-racism educational materials on September 26

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