Rematch between Democratic leaders, son of late dictator of the Philippine presidential election

Anthony Esgera

Approximately two weeks before the Manila-Philippines presidential election, the race turned into a rematch between Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and current Vice President Leni Robredo.

Robledo slightly defeated Marcos in the 2016 vice presidential election. Marcos insisted on fraudulent elections and later launched a protest in front of the presidential election court. Partial recounts showed an increase in Robled’s votes, and the case was dismissed after four years of court drama.

Six years after the campaign failed, Marcos, whose father was banished for massive corruption and human rights abuses during the 1986 People’s Revolution, became the president’s leading candidate in the May 9 elections.

However, Rodrigo, a human rights lawyer and leader of opposition to President Rodrigo Duterte, offers a serious challenge.

In a survey conducted in March and published in early April, young Marcos appears to be leading by 56 points, but his number is down 4 points from the previous survey. On the other hand, Robledo’s number jumped sharply, rising 9 points to 24.

The survey asked respondents to select presidential and vice-presidential candidates first. The same survey also showed that Sara Duterte, the daughter of Marcos’ running mate Rodrigo Duterte, is a major vice presidential candidate with 56 points.

Robledo’s camp believes that her interests in the investigation are due to the efforts of her supporters who are campaigning for her.

The gap between the two is still wide, but political analysts believe that much can happen before the May election and Marcos shouldn’t be satisfied.

Aries Arugay, a professor of political science at the University of the Philippines Diliman, said Robledo is currently gaining momentum and can successfully repeat a come-from-behind victory in the 2016 poll.

“Our assumption is based on Pulse, so there is still a possibility. [Asia] Investigation, it’s already out of date. It was taken over a month ago, “Arugay told VOA.

Algey said the survey is now verifying increased support for Robledo at large campaign rallies, but this momentum must be maintained until the end of the campaign period.

“If more people are convinced that Vice President Leni Robredo has a chance to fight, we’ll be on the move. [effect]”The Filipino voting culture is that they must be aware that their voting is important and can be counted,” he said.

Robledo’s momentum is observed in her crowded rallies across the country. An army of her supporters is also conducting aggressive home-to-home campaigns to convince more people to vote for her.

Marcos’ popularity is based on the prosperity of his father’s dictatorship in the 1980s and the “golden age” of Filipino society. Political observers and disinformation researchers say his campaign is backed by a large disinformation and disinformation network.

According to a study by the Philippine Facebook fact-checking partner VERA Files, Marcos came from “misleading” posts on social media, and Robledo is the number one victim of disinformation.

In 2019, Meta shut down a Facebook page and group network linked to President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Imee Marcos for disseminating false information.

Other presidential candidates said they would not withdraw from the race as the May polls became clear that could be summarized in Marcos and Robledo.

Manila Mayor Iscomoleno, World Boxing Champion and Senator Manny Pacquiao, Senator Panphilo Laxon, and former Defense Secretary Norbert Gonzalez have rejected attempts to withdraw them from the race, despite a small number of investigations.

Moreno is ranked third in polls with eight points, but other presidential candidates lag far behind him.

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