Renegade wins first Hummel Cup trophy for United

The Renegade Football Club (FC) won the men’s category and the United Women’s FC (WFC) won the women’s category at the first Hummel Cup held at Roscoe AL Davis Soccer Field on Sunday, May 15th.

The weather was not great last weekend, but it did not weaken the spirit of athletes in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Renegade FC defeated Seventeen FC with a penalty kick, 4-2. The score at the end of overtime was 0-0.

United WFC defeated Dynamo WFC 3-0 to win the women’s title.

3rd place in the men’s category, United FC

Defeated the Warriors team 3-1.

The third-placed medal in the women’s category was the Cavalier WFC, which beat the Western Warriors WFC.

“Thanks to all the coaches, players, referees, guards, and hygiene crews who kept us safe and successful in the tournament,” said one of the tournament organizers.

Events approved by the Bahamas Football Association (BFA) are expected to grow in popularity as they progress year by year. Renegade wins first Hummel Cup trophy for United

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