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Renewable Energy Head of Shell Resigns

Elizabeth Brinton, head of Shell’s renewable energy division, resigns less than two years after taking control of the company’s fast-growing business as part of a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Did.

Brinton, who joined Shell in 2018, said in a LinkedIn post that he would leave Shell for a new role, but not with his competitors. She became responsible for renewable energy and energy solutions in April 2020, replacing Shell veteran Mark Gainesborough.

A Friday Shell spokesman confirmed her departure.

Following Mr. Brinton’s resignation, the company said from February 1st, Shell will create two new positions in renewable energy leadership.

Thomas Brostrøm, currently Senior Vice President of Renewable Energy, has been appointed to be responsible for renewable energy generation.

Steve Hill, now Executive Vice President of Shell Energy, will be appointed Head of Energy Marketing. Both roles report to Wael Sawan, Head of Integrated Gas and Energy Solutions.

Brostrøm joined Shell in August 2021 after leading the North American offshore business of the Danish company Orsted, the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

On Thursday, BP said the UK company hired executives from Orsted to lead a new offshore wind sector as it restructured its renewable energy business.

Shell has rapidly expanded its renewable energy projects under Blinton. Earlier this month In collaboration with our partners, we have been awarded a number of UK North Sea offshore wind licenses with a capacity of approximately 5 gigawatts... We have also acquired many solar power plants in the last few months.

Shell aims to be a zero greenhouse gas emission company by 2050. We aim to increase spending on renewable and low-carbon energy to $ 2 to $ 3 billion annually in the short term, from about 10% to 15% of total spending. budget.

Leading oil and gas companies are increasingly confronting existing renewable energy companies, competing for both staff and market share as the energy transition accelerates.

(Report by Ron Bousso, edited by David Evans)

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