Request Finance introduces new ‘payroll’ feature for encrypted payroll

loan requestA fast-growing B2B crypto payment app that helps businesses, freelancers, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) manage and process payments, has introduced new features to revolutionize crypto-related payroll processing.

salaryThe features announced today are designed to help thousands of businesses improve payroll management using the Request app and supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies. stablecoin and fiat currency.

A new app feature allows businesses to have an easy-to-use “all-in-one” management system as part of their payroll management amid the expansion of Web3 payments, which is expected to grow by more than 46% by 2028.

pay salaries in cryptocurrency

Co-founded by Y Combinator alum Christophe Lassuyt, Request Finance aims to help businesses overcome the barriers of legacy banking infrastructure.

A platform envisioned as an alternative to existing banking systemby enabling the tokenization of fiat currencies, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of financial freedom through a system that allows them to manage their bills in any currency.

The result is cheaper, faster and easier payments for businesses, removing the bank transfer constraint. The app also adds the benefits businesses derive from a single dashboard by providing on-chain supported real-time transactions and automated notifications.

Businesses looking to implement Request Finance’s “payroll” feature will have access to over 150 crypto assets and stablecoins. The app also supports 14 payment networks, some of which include the popular ecosystems his BNB chain, Avalanche and Polygon.

Beyond payroll functionality, Request Finance is eyeing new services for processing bonuses, sales commissions, and tax withholdings.

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