Requested to excavate the body of Devanhi Escobar to confirm the cause of death

On May 26, this year, Ricardo Messiah, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection, confirmed that the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office would request the excavation of the body of a young man. Debanhi Susana Escobar BazaldúaTo standardize forensic standards of cause of death.

Last Saturday, May 21, an inter-institutional meeting on the case was held at the Forensic Institute of the High Court in Mexico City, where it was decided to further determine the cause. In the case of death, the body is excavated.

“This causes the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office to require the judge to excavate the body,” explained Media.

It should be noted that this will occur after the authorities have confirmed that the excavation procedure is required before the corresponding judge, if the expert considers it necessary.

As a background, on May 19, Under Secretary of Security confirmed that there was a difference between the two existing expert records of the case.

According to people familiar with the matter, in the opinion of autopsy experts conducted by an independent group hired by Father Devanhi, there are signs of sexual abuse in the body of a young woman and her death is due to violence. Found, the Nuevo Leon Autopsy Department denied this, claiming that a young woman fell into a well and hit her head, which caused her death and declared it a coincidence.

For this reason, Ricado Messiah announced last week that he was required to give a unified opinion on the cause of death. At the same time, he revealed that it was agreed to seek a third opinion, “a third opinion to strengthen the analysis and clarify the cause of death.”

Regarding the recognition of the two opinions, Griselda Núñez, head of the Neoron Public Prosecutor’s Office, commented that the technical opinion was generated by a professional coroner with the participation of both the Mexican government and international experts.

Similarly, as a result of the above cooperation, it was shown that an expert who presented his opinion to the US Court on the death of a woman from a gender perspective was summoned.

So far, it has not been possible to reveal a case of a young woman more than a week after her disappearance was reported in a water tank at the Nuevo Castilla Motel in Nuevo Leon.

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