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Rerouting Qatar’s gas to Europe will require US mediation: Report-Doha News

Qatar supplies up to 5% of Europe’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply, with most of its shipments destined for Asian countries.

Qatar will demand US mediation to convince LNG buyers to reroute some of their gas supply to Europe if Russia could invade Ukraine. Reuters on Wednesday.

“Qatar’s major gas customers need to be persuaded by the United States. Or someone else changes the route They sent their gas to Europe as a short-term solution. “

Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Tani will meet with US President Joe Biden on January 31 in Washington, where they will discuss “stability of the world’s energy supply.” It’s a schedule.

A source told Reuters that the issue of rerouting LNG supply will be on the agenda for future meetings.

It is in the process of discussing the ability of Qatar and the United States to provide LNG to Europe in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Similarly, US sanctions that could be imposed on Russia could have a significant impact on Moscow’s supply to the state in winter.

Europe receives more than 40% of its gas supply from Russia, but almost one-third of its cargo passes through Ukraine.

Discussing “energy supply” during a visit to Sheikh Tamim, Biden and Washington

“Doha may be useful in the event of a major global turmoil like Fukushima in 2011,” sources added, referring to Japan’s nuclear accident.

Sources explained that Qatar could send additional gas to Europe, but could not afford it because of long-term transactions with other buyers.

Qatar supplies up to 5% of Europe’s LNG supply, as most of its shipments are destined for Asian countries. We are also heading towards becoming the world’s largest natural gas supplier by 2030.

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