Rescue of hundreds of pets left behind when locals fled the Attic wildfire

Hundreds of pets, dogs and cats as well as small livestock were left behind when thousands of locals fled a wildfire in Varympompi, Thrakomakedones, Adams, after receiving an evacuation order on Tuesday. This is the number of people who rushed to large-scale search and rescue operations in extreme conditions of heat, choking atmosphere, and flames to rescue animals that were panicked, scared, thirsty, injured, and in need of medical assistance. Revitalized 10 animal lovers volunteers.

via Alma Libre – Greek Animal Rescue On Facebook.

They collect dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, tame, tame stray dogs, take them to safe goats, and find water for chickens and rabbits abandoned on farms and parcels. It was made.

Many were safely transported and others were taken to many clinics and veterinarians who opened the door for free treatment of the animals.

Volunteers called for donations of food, water and bowls, and citizens responded. On Wednesday morning, they went back to the area and left a bowl of fresh water and food for those who were still hiding.

Some dogs and cats reportedly disappeared in a panic of time and an approaching flame.

“I found the dog horrified in the yard. He was given water.” And he was left behind. No one called for animal welfare … Some volunteers said the same thing would happen after every forest fire, they search for and rescue abandoned pets.

Often, they were left behind like 15 dogs that had just been abandoned in the parcels and a few goats looking for a place to be rescued and currently hosted.


At the same time, a great deal of effort was made to rescue some. 300 horses At some riding clubs in the area. Police did not allow owners and staff to transport animals in a systematic style, so they ran around until they were released, reassembled and safe.

On Tuesday afternoon, the horses in Varympompi Square, before the flames burned out, also burned down the businesses and homes around them.

Greek Equestrian Federation Said On Wednesday, 253 horses, 23 ponies and two donkeys were rescued and transported at a facility in Marco Poulo, East Attica. They were suffering, but their condition was not a concern and they received the help they needed.

The horse club in Verin Pompi was burned down.

Wild animals

About wildlife in the forest … The following was posted by cartoonist Yiannis Dermetoglou. “Banner”: We are on fire. “

What should I do

Search and rescue operations continue and endless, so if you can raise animals, check here with an NGO Dog voice

Needs are enormous as animal lovers are abandoned and continue to discover injured animals.

More articles on rescue operations and what to do to help anyway

And, of course, many dead animals found suffocation or torture deaths at the stake. I can’t post these photos, it’s too painful.

Some pet owners posted on social media that authorities told them to leave their pets behind during the evacuation.

As I read on social media, there were several pet pensions in the area where owners left their pets for vacation, and the facility had no evacuation plans, so pets were free to run.

In Varympompi Wildfire As with any fire, it is the silent person who pays the price.

*** Thumbnail photos taken in Varympompi on Wednesday morning @Tony Rigopoulos Rescue of hundreds of pets left behind when locals fled the Attic wildfire

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