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Rescued baby dugong released into Qatar waters – Doha News

Qatar waters have the second largest dugong population in the world.

baby dugong Environmental officials said it was found stranded on Khor Al-Udeid beach earlier this month and released into Qatari waters after receiving necessary care.

The country’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has released the small sea animals after giving them the care they need to be able to stand on their own when they return to the ocean.

They were then taken back to the waters where dugongs are most abundant.

Qatar’s waters are home to the largest herd of dugongs, with more than 840 shy and adorable marine mammals, and the largest herd of these aquatic animals in Qatar in 30 years. .

The ministry is committed to dugong conservation and frequently visits areas where dugong surveys are conducted.

The ministry has carefully followed safety and security procedures until the dugong cubs were released into their natural habitat. This included tank equipment, a 24-hour surveillance schedule by experts.

During the breeding period, the ministry’s fisheries nutritionists provided the young dugongs with appropriate food and medical treatment to ensure their safety. They were also raised in well-equipped, qualified ponds, and experts ensured they were accustomed to eating seaweed before returning it to the ocean.

Gulf dugong populations are thought to have first appeared in the Arabian Gulf about 7,500 years ago. However, the aquatic mammal species, the Sireniidae, date back almost 60 million years.

Aquatic animals play an important role in maintaining aquatic ecosystems, as they contribute to the maintenance of healthy seagrass meadows that are essential for fish and crustacean farms.

As such, authorities are urging all swimmers and scuba divers to protect and do no harm to the dugongs.

https://dohanews.co/rescued-baby-dugongs-released-back-into-qatari-waters/ Rescued baby dugong released into Qatar waters – Doha News

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