Residents and visitors seek answers to Sandals Exuma’s death – Witness News

Nassau, Bahamas — Residents and visitors are seeking a definitive answer as to the cause of the deaths of three Americans at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort.

Around 9 am on Friday, the couple was found unresponsive at the resort’s villa. Another man identified as Vincent Chiarella, in his 60s, living in Alabama was found dead lying on the ground.

His only survivor, his wife Donis, was airlifted to Princess Margaret Hospital on Friday and then stably transferred to the Kendall Regional Facility in Florida.

Authorities reported that the group felt sick Thursday night and was treated at a local medical facility before leaving the hospital.

Authorities said fraud was not suspected.

Talk to Witness news At Exuma International Airport, a couple and first-time visitors who were recently engaged to the Bahamas, Sydney Rosenquist, and Chasen Toss in Mesa, Arizona, who were checking in for sandals on Saturday, had mixed emotions.

Mr Toss said he was looking forward to his stay while making several appointments and felt relieved by the island’s government and health authorities investigating the issue and the reputation of the sandals.

Sydney Rosenquist in Mesa, Arizona

“As you know, it has a little to do with me, but I know that all health authorities and governments are here, so hopefully nothing will happen to us. “Toss said.

“But I think they’re all around and investigating it. We’ll be pretty safe. And sandals are a big company, so I’m not too worried.

But Rosenquist said she has a cause of concern and skepticism because of the recent nature of the problem and the lack of cause.

“I’m definitely more skeptical,” she said. Witness news A few minutes before boarding the waiting sandals transport van.

Frequent visitors to the Bahamas Frank Wedding in Fort Myers, Florida

“I’m probably the opposite of him. Just because I want to know what happened, it definitely gives me a source of concern. It’s only recently, like a day later today. Since I’m staying there, I just wonder what happened, but hopefully everything will work. “

On the other hand, the frequent Frank Wedding has heard about recent deaths and, like many others, what happened so that the family can be cautious during the rest of their stay. I said I wanted to know.

Weddng of Fort Myers, Florida described the eight-day stay at Casa Del Mar Resort as “perfect,” despite the tragic news.

At Hooper’s Bay, Exumian Kacy Rolle said death was a “major concern.”

ExumianKacyRolle talks with Associate Editor Royston Jones

“Well, the big concern is, in fact, when you think about it, we don’t know what really happened,” he said.

“That’s the first time. And again, we had a boat incident just a few years ago. It’s big for the tourism industry, especially here in the Bahamas, because this is our main industry. Causes concern.

“So we need to see the casualties, we need to have a complete grasp of what happened, push it out there, and allow people to understand it. The Bahamas, as they say. And don’t run away from it. “

Exuma Island administrator Cristine Palacious

Meanwhile, Exuma Island administrator Christine Parachas hopes that the news has been tragic, but tourism will not affect the island, especially for the guest’s family.

She said tourism on the island has been booming in recent months and will benefit the population.

“Exuma is known for its natural beauty. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. And from what we have seen, people have hope, for that and hospitality. And friendly people, and for the environment they experience, I hope people see us and continue to visit us when they arrive here in Exuma. “ Residents and visitors seek answers to Sandals Exuma’s death – Witness News

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