Residents need to prepare for BPL challenges – witness news

Nassau, Bahamas — Residents need to anticipate a tough summer in electricity reliability, Kyle Wilson, chairman of the Bahamas Electric Workers’ Union, warned yesterday.

His comments were made after an electricity failure in some of Yesterday’s New Providence. This is the latest in the increase in power outages in recent months.

The BPL did not issue a statement explaining the cause of the suspension by the press time, and attempts to contact the utility minister, Alfred Sears, and other BPL board members were unsuccessful.

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) technicians service power lines. (File photo)

Wilson Witness news Shevonn Cambridge, a former Deputy General Manager of BPL and now Director of Utilities and Energy at URCA, is a strong candidate to become BPL’s next CEO following the resignation of Whitney Heastie last month.

“He had a great job before he left the company,” Wilson said. “I think he’s one of the people whose name comes to mind, he’s ready, available, and ready to deal with the challenge.”

He said the BPL’s transmission and distribution network would need to be upgraded, or else the temperature would rise in the coming weeks, creating reliability issues.

“Historically, even if the BPL stepped up to address the challenge, there were still problems, so in my opinion the company wasn’t necessarily regaining bullishness,” he said. “I can’t give a high rating for this summer’s preparation. Be prepared to check for some issues.”

While Bahamian has had a nearly successful summer in electricity reliability over the past two years, Wilson has blamed Heastie and former officials under the Minis administration for the expected difficulties.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that we are suffering (more outages in the last few months),” he said.

“As you can see, former CEO Whitney Heastie and former HR manager have offered to resign. I don’t know if there’s a direct relationship, but did it happen at the same time as the power outage? New chairman, new Seems to me like a board of directors. They are serious about turnarounds at the BPL. They take listening tours, talk to employees, what are the challenges, and how are they? This is good because you are asking what tools you need to deal with.

“You will remember that the union had a lot of industrial activity,” Wilson continued.

“Remember something like a press statement issued by the union. When BPL leadership was given to me, they weren’t serious about preparing the company for the summer, so this current board of directors , That new executive is taking over the big problem. Hopefully they can come up with some short-term remedies. I’m talking about these warnings from last summer, they Was a warning from June, July, and August. We warned the people of Bahama, hey, I don’t think the due leadership was done on your behalf, the necessary decisions. I was worried that the BPL would be on the course this summer because it wasn’t done. “

Wilson said the Wärtsilä engine, which is an important part of the Minis administration’s efforts to increase the reliability of electricity, “does not necessarily meet the needs and standards it was built on.”

To prevent the harsh summer of electricity, the right people must be appointed to key positions in the BPL, he said.

Therefore, the BPL’s board of directors appears to be enthusiastic about choosing the right person and is meeting with employees to boost their morale and productivity.

Otherwise, Wilson said BPL’s equipment and networks need to be strengthened.

“It’s always best to have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. Many of the Bahamas-owned power plants are undergoing major repairs. When we bring them out, it’s still best to bring something in to make up for it just in case. It’s not the opposite to have a failsafe just in case. It’s okay, “he said. Said. Residents need to prepare for BPL challenges – witness news

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