Residents of the Algarve celebrate a very special birthday

May 9th is the birthday of a fun foreign resident who lived in. 60 years of Algarve.. This monday Dorothy Vaulter I’m 104 years old!

Dorothy has long been highly praised by many for her kindness, her relaxed attitude towards life, and her warm smile on everyone she meets. Her witty she was able to cope with and even make fun of her complete deafness.

BJ’s latest portrait of her mother Dorothy will be on display at a special exhibition in Faro next month.

Famous artist BJ Vaulter To tell Her mother is still “strong and healthy, but wheelchair-bound and dependent on a professional caregiver.”.. However, that constant smile is “as nice as ever.” It’s there to be on display in BJ’s latest portrait Special exhibition Open next month Faro..

Dorothy Vaulter is 104 years old!
Praia Darosha Beach
Dorothy Vaulter is 104 years old!
Dorothy in front of the Penguins of Praia Darosha
Dorothy Vaulter
Dorothy Vaulter

Upon arriving in Algarve via Malta, Ismailia, Bombay, England and Tanganyika in 1962, Dorothy and her late husband Royston bought a public bar and guesthouse for solar penguins in a beautiful location in Praia Darosha. I ran it. After she did it efficiently for 45 years, she retired and moved near BJ in Estonval, Lagoa. She has lived there ever since and until only a few years ago she was able to take care of herself.

Dorothy Vaulter is 104 years old!
Present from daughter Christina
Dorothy Vaulter is 104 years old!
With Royston and four kids at Praia Darosha Beach

Dorothy’s portrait will be exhibited along with the works of various members Algarve Artist Network (AAN).. After a two-year break from the COVID pandemic, AAN’s next exhibition theme is “Artists for Hope.”Will be held at Museu Municipal de Faro from June 11-August 28.. Open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Closed on Mondays.

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