Responses to proposed journalism reforms are being analyzed, justice minister said at meeting with IGM

Justice Minister Jonathan Attard told a representative of Malta’s Institute of Journalists (IĠM) that the reaction of a panel of media experts to a number of proposed reforms to the journalism sector was that the government was ready to submit parliamentary legislative changes. He said it was being analyzed because it was done. on wednesday.

Attard met with IĠM President Matthew Xuereb and IĠM Executive Director Kurt Sansone on Wednesday and said the government will strengthen Malta’s journalism profession, including strengthening legislation to provide more protection to the industry. He said he is still working on it.

“This is why a panel of media experts was appointed, as suggested by the panel that led the public investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia,” Attard said.

The committee was appointed earlier this year and is made up of journalists Matthew Shelleb, Kurt Sanson and Neil Camilleri, media house owner Savior Balzan, academic Carmen Samut, Savior Formosa and attorney Kevin Dingli. I’m here.

Former judge Michael Maria, who chaired the aforementioned public inquiry, chairs the committee.

According to their terms of reference, the committee must provide feedback on what the government presents to the committee within one year, and that feedback will be made public.

Attard said initial feedback has been sent to the ministry in recent weeks on a number of bills the government has prepared and asked for the committee’s opinion.

“The reaction is currently being analyzed and the government is in a position to submit a legislative change to parliament. In this regard, the government will continue to work with a sense of dialogue and full transparency,” Attard said.

He said the changes that will continue to take place in the media sector will be linked to many of the “unprecedented” reforms the government has made to uphold the rule of law and good governance. Responses to proposed journalism reforms are being analyzed, justice minister said at meeting with IGM

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