Retraction of Cyprus visas for Russian tourists

Cyprus authorities have announced that the country will no longer apply accelerated rules to Russian citizens applying for tourist visas.

From December 1, the country will start charging Russians applying for tourist visas, according to Cyprus’ foreign ministry.

In line with new rules that are expected to come into force in four weeks, Russian passport holders who are currently exempt from visa fees will have to pay €80 per person when applying for a tourist visa.

The 80 Euro fee applies only to applicants aged 12 and over. Children from 6 to her 12 pay half price, €40.

Cyprus’ decision to introduce a tourist visa fee for Russians follows a complete suspension of the Visa Facilitation Agreement adopted by the European Union Council. In early September, the EU Council announced that general visa code rules would now apply to Russian citizens.

In line with the EU decision adopted after September 12th, the visa application fee for Russians has increased from 35 euros to 80 euros. This decision also created the need to present additional documentation. Retraction of Cyprus visas for Russian tourists

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