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Revanth Reddy was put under house arrest again

Hyderabad: Levans Lady, chairman of the Terrangana Pradesh Parliamentary Commission (TPCC), was put under house arrest again on Friday.

The lady was about to visit the peasants for the Boupol Parry. Police are said to have rounded up his house. Within a week, police put him under house arrest for the second time.

On Monday, the lady is K. He was arrested when he left for the village of Erabari to lead a protest at Prime Minister Chandrasekharlao’s farmhouse.

Police officers stopped him as soon as the TPCC chief came out of his house. They forced him into a police car, leading to strong protests from parliamentary workers gathered there.

Levanth Reddy, who is also a member of parliament, was put under house arrest at the beginning of Monday. Numerous police officers were stationed around Levans Lady’s house, calling for the state and central government to organize a Ratchavanda program over the inability to procure paddy fields from farmers.

Several parliamentary leaders were under house arrest or detained while heading from different parts of the state to Erabari in the Sidipet district.

Earlier, Revanth Reddy vowed to proceed with the protest despite the restrictions imposed by police. “Is Elabari a banned area? Why can’t we go to the village?” Asked a parliamentary leader. He claimed that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government was afraid of their visit.

Revanth Reddy blames both TRS and BJP for paddy procurement issues

The TPCC chief blamed both TRS and BJP on the issue of paddy procurement. He said both parties had a secret understanding that misleads the farmers.

Revanth Reddy released a photo of a paddy field cultivated by the Prime Minister’s farm on Sunday. “While the prime minister says the government does not source paddy fields from farmers, he cultivates more than 150 acres of paddy fields on farms,” ​​said a parliamentary leader.

After the incident on Monday, many parliamentary leaders, including V Hanuman Sarao, Ponara Lakshmaia, Shabir Ali, and Maduyashki, asked KCR why they stopped visiting the village.

TRS and BJP indulge in “paddy war”

Paddy procurement has emerged as a controversial issue between the TRS government and the BJP.

KCR held Dana in November with the Minister, MLA, etc. on the paddy field procurement issue. He protested the NDA government’s useless stance on paddy field procurement.

The TRS government required the center to communicate its annual goals for paddy field procurement from Telangana.

In December, the TRS again protested the NDA government’s anti-farming policies, including the procurement of paddy fields. Party members who protested the issue in the House during the winter session of Congress later boycotted the rest of the session.

Meanwhile, BJP leaders said the center would procure paddy fields from Telangana in accordance with an agreement between the state government and the Food Corporation of India (FCI), and the state government promised in writing that it would not deliver parboiled rice to the FCI. Stated. in the future.

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