Revealed: Are these the ‘best’ places to live in Switzerland?

Barking dogs, screaming children, or other noises can be a major headache for people living in apartments where the walls are too thin for comfort.

However, it is not clear what is considered excessive noise and what is not. It depends on your own tolerance level as much as what is generally perceived as sound emanating from normal daily activities.

The latter means that all tenants have the right to use and enjoy the residence for activities compatible with their daily lives.

You can hardly complain about these activities or expect your neighbors to whisper or tiptoe you.

what does the law say?

Not surprisingly, requirement Tenants should be considerate of other occupants in the building, but this fairly general statement is open to individual interpretation.

Still, common sense tells us that playing drums in the middle of the night and dogs howling at the full moon are not the definition of compassion for most people.

The rental agreement may have rules to follow, which may include noise ordinances.

What can you do when your neighbor is too noisy?

On rare occasions (like your annual birthday party), you may want to let go. But if the noise is frequent and annoying, there are some remedies besides earplugs.

Before you bring up the cannon (metaphorically speaking, of course), you can try a little diplomacy. Talk directly to your neighbors and explain how noisy they are and how they are bothering you and your family.

In the best case scenario, a friendly compromise is reached and even a glass of wine together, which the Swiss like to do in all circumstances. In the worst case, you may need to lodge a complaint (by registered mail) with your landlord, detailing the time and nature of the excessive disturbance, and ask them to act within a specific time frame.

According to the official government, you can also: websitetell the landlord that if there is no improvement within the above period, he will stop paying the rent and deduct the money in another account. .”

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should i call the police?

Noise ordinances, and therefore police regulations, vary from community to community.

However, 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM is generally considered a quiet time.

However, these times may be more flexible during weekends and holidays such as National Day and New Year’s Eve.

Is there anything else I should know about noise regulations in Switzerland?

You may have heard that you shouldn’t flush the toilet at night, but this is more of an urban legend than a reality.

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You should also know that Sundays are sacred in Switzerland. Lawn mowers, hedge cutters, or nails hitting walls should not disturb your neighbor’s (or your) peace and quiet, so they are considered rest days.

One thing you should never complain about, especially if you are a foreigner, is churches and cow bells.

If you are a light sleeper, do not rent buildings near churches or meadows.

You should also avoid farmhouses with roosters unless you live early in the morning. Revealed: Are these the ‘best’ places to live in Switzerland?

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